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Australia Internships

Travel and Tourism Internships in Australia

Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, over 60 wine regions, and miles upon miles of coastline, making it a great destination to intern in travel and tourism. The country […]

Theater Internships in Australia

Theater internships in Australia are perfect for anyone who loves the arts and wants to gain experience in one of Australia’s most thriving cities. If you are passionate about performing arts, then Australia is the […]

Telecommunications Internships in Australia

This is a great opportunity for telecommunications students and electrical engineers to gain professional experience while living and working in a multicultural environment. Australia is a beautiful place to gain hands-on work experience, and an […]

Real Estate Internships in Australia

As the largest industry in the world, real estate allows you to work with a diverse group of clients. During real estate internships in Australia, participants will learn about the different regulations, laws, and cultural […]

Public Relations Internships in Australia

Explore the field of public relations from an international context. Internships in Australia will be in a PR firm or a company’s PR department. Most placements will involve a mix of communications, event planning, administrative […]

Psychology Internships in Australia

Gain international work experience while exploring the vast field of psychology! Internships in Australia will be mostly observational and administrative since there are strict rules as to who can work with clients. Placements may involve […]

NGO and Non-Profit Internships in Australia

If you’re interested in helping others and making the world a better place, then this is the right internship for you. During the program, interns will have the chance to gain international work experience while […]

Marketing Internships in Australia

Enhance your knowledge of the marketing industry while adding international experience to your resume. During your internship, you will develop product launches and promotions, create brand awareness through marketing research, and implement social media campaigns. […]

Journalism Internships in Australia

There are many journalism opportunities in Australia with a wide variety of publications. Depending on your background and interests, placements can be in magazines, newspapers, or marketing departments. You will assist in the development, research, […]

Interior Design Internships in Australia

Apply your creativity to a real-world work environment with an internship in interior design. You will expand your knowledge of this field by learning about the different codes, design, and culture applied in Australia. While […]

Information Technology in Australia

Known as one of the world’s leading technological countries, Australia has ample opportunity for students and recent graduates with backgrounds in information technology, computer science, and engineering. As an intern, you will work alongside a […]

Human Resources Internships in Australia

Build your communication, organization, and interpersonal skills with a human resources internship in Australia. As an HR intern, you will strengthen your company by creating a team environment, assisting in employee recruitment, working on performance […]

Graphic Design Internships in Australia

If you are a graphic design student or recent graduate, you can boost your portfolio with international work experience! This program will allow interns to work in an Australian creative agency or a company’s in-house […]

Event Management in Australia

Build your portfolio with international work experience in the fun and dynamic field of event management. Seasonal, cultural, and international events that occur throughout the year keep interns busy during their programs, sometimes offering the […]

Engineering Internships in Australia

Electrical engineering internships will provide insight into the specification, design, development, and implementation of a company’s products. If your area is mechanical engineering, then your internship will involve manufacturing, technical sales, design, and development of […]

Business Administration Internships in Australia

This multi-faceted internship program is designed to expose interns to the various areas of a business, including: finance, product development, marketing, customer service, and sales. Depending on your interests, you may find yourself working in one […]

Biological Research Internships in Australia

Australia is a great place to participate in local research opportunities with universities and research labs. In order to meet your individual needs and backgrounds, we offer a variety of biology projects in fields like […]

Architecture Internships in Australia

Employment of architects is expected to grow faster than all occupation averages through 2018, so an international internship will give you the experience you need to stand out! Working with an Aussie architectural firm will provide you […]

Advertising Internships in Australia

Build your portfolio and expand your knowledge by interning in a local advertising firm or ad department. During your internship, you’ll learn more about the creation, execution, transmission, and evaluation of advertising in various forms […]