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India Internships

NGO Internships in India

Mumbai and Jaipur offer a wide variety of NGOs for interns to develop and sustain various aspects of the economy. During this internship, you will play a valuable role for these organizations. Depending on your […]

Medical Internships in India

Broaden your understanding of the medical field by gaining hands-on work experience in Mumbai! Interns are typically placed in local hospitals, international medical centers, and clinics, helping the local community by providing much-needed medical services. […]

Journalism Internships in India

Experience life in the world’s sixth largest city as a journalist covering a wide variety of issues in Mumbai. Your hand-tailored internship in the highly competitive field of journalism will give you real-world opportunities in writing, editing, photojournalism, […]

Information Technology Internships in India

India is a prominent player in the IT industry. Nicknamed “the new Silicon Valley,” the country’s industrial parks are full of new information technology and software businesses. Interns can work as analysts, programmers, developers, and […]

Film Internships in India

As one of the largest and most lucrative film centers in the world, the home of Bollywood is the perfect place for aspiring directors, producers, and actors. Our film program can help you cultivate technical […]

Fashion Internships in India

Home to the colorful world of Bollywood, Mumbai is known for its lively business and arts scene. In a city where traditional garb blends with Western-style clothing, your internship will provide you with unique insight […]

Entrepreneurship Internships in India

Aspiring entrepreneurs must be familiar with the various steps involved with turning an idea into a viable business. As an intern, you will work with start-up companies and local entrepreneurs to draft business plans, complete […]

Engineering Internships in India

Enhance your engineering knowledge and abilities by working in Mumbai’s innovative economy. To ensure that you work in your particular area of interest, various fields of engineering are available, including: chemical, automotive, mechanical, electrical, and […]

Business Internships in India

Take advantage of India’s bustling economy with a business internship to learn more about Indian commerce and culture! Depending on your specific interests, you can be placed in the following areas: business development, consulting, sales, […]

Architecture Internships in India

Get inspired with India’s Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, and Indo-Saracenic buildings from Mumbai’s early colonial era! You can learn about the old while helping add to the new with the nearly 1000 modern skyscrapers that […]

Advertising Internships in India

Advertising internships in India allow participants to experience day-to-day life as a marketing specialist in Mumbai! Your specific internship will be tailored to your own interests and background. In the past, our interns have worked […]