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Event Management Internships in London

As a city hosting year-round major events from the Olympics, to royal weddings, and conferences for major institutions, there’s no better place to gain exciting and valuable experience in your field. Whether you’re hosting an exhibition opening in one of the city’s many museums, or coordinating theatre productions in the eminent West End; you’re sure to learn more about event management and the culture of London while having the time of your life.


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Event Management Internships in New Zealand

International event management in recent years has been a fast growing and highly sought after by many different organizations. An events management internship in New Zealand will grant interns the opportunity to showcase their skills and experience, while allowing interns the opportunity to work alongside and learn from experienced professionals in the field. Interns will be able to build their resumes with the hands on and international experience that an events management internship in New Zealand will provide them.


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Event Management Internships in Italy

The increasing interest in personal engagement by companies and organizations has led to incredible growth in the industry of event management. Coordinating events, festivals, and conferences requires a great deal of organizational skills, creativity, and innovation. During international event management internships in Italy, interns can participate in the development and implementation of operational strategies, such as: programming, marketing, and budgeting for various events ranging from promotional and personal to leisure and cultural. Interns will be able to experience the culture of Italy all while gaining professional skills during their event management internship abroad.


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Event Management Internships in Australia

Build your portfolio with an international event management internship in the fun and dynamic country of Australia. Seasonal, cultural, and international events that occur throughout the year keep interns busy during their programs, sometimes offering the opportunity to plan multiple events at once. Depending on your interests, you will be placed in a creative or corporate sector involved with event conception, promotion and coordination. Interns can expect a hands on experience while experiencing the culture during their event management internships in Australia.


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