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Travel and Tourism Internships in Spain

Barcelona is the most populous city in Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each month. Therefore, there are many opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. Interns could work for a local travel agency, lead tours around the city, or work in a high-volume hotel. Travel and Tourism Internships in Spain are a excellent way to gain hands on experience abroad while working in a fast paced multicultural environment.


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Culinary Arts Internships in Spain

Catalan cuisine is based on high-quality seafood, fruits, and vegetables that adapt with the different seasons and are representative of the region’s cultural and religious roots. Your knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine will greatly improve with an internship at a local upscale restaurant where you can shadow a chef and experience the culture of Spain through the food, as well as the people you will work with. During your time in Barcelona, Spain you can purchase ingredients at a local market, learn various Catalan cooking techniques, and practice your food preparation and presentation. Previous academic or professional experience in culinary arts is required for these hands on culinary arts internships in Spain.


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Travel & Tourism Internships in Ireland

Our international travel and tourism internships in Ireland offer you the opportunity to work with customers locally and internationally either in an office or on-site. It’s easy to market the beautiful island of Ireland with such attractive cities and towns like Cork, Galway, Kilkenny, Waterford, and, of course, Dublin! Take advantage of your internship in one of the most welcoming places in all of Europe.


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Hotel and Catering Internships in Ireland

During your hospitality internship in Ireland, you have the opportunity to work in an Irish-based hotel, lodge, guest house, or restaurant. Many varied roles and placements are available, such as: Reception/Front Office, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Administration, Client Relations, Kitchen, etc. Hotel and catering internships in Ireland will give participants an insight into the field and the culture of Ireland.


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Travel and Tourism Internships in London

Each year international travelers from all over the world flock to London making it the perfect location for a tourism internship abroad. Depending on your background and areas of interest, placements may include hotels, travel agencies, railroad services, and hospitality organizations. Be a part of this lucrative industry while gaining hands-on experience in your field during international travel and tourism internships in London!

Deadline for application is March 15.


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Hospitality & Tourism Internships in China

China is a popular destination that caters to a diverse international crowd. With its unique shops, cuisine, and attractions, quality hospitality is vital to China’s economy. Whether you want to work at a large, global hotel branch or somewhere smaller and more specific to China, internship placements in the hospitality and tourism program are made according to your interests and background. Think of all the possibilities to experience the culture and gain professional experience with tourist sites like The Great Wall of China, Tienanmen Square, and The Forbidden City!


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International Travel and Tourism Internships in Mexico

Home to the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, and miles of beautiful coastline, Mexico is a very popular vacation spot. Ranked as the number one tourist destination in Latin America, Mexico is the perfect place for those in the travel/tourism industry. The international travel and tourism internships in mexico will provide interns with the opportunity to work with travel agencies, tour guide companies, hotels, or resorts, depending upon your area of interest. International work experience is a great way to gain professional skills while working in a multicultural environment that many employers are looking for today.


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Hotel and Restaurant Management Internships in Mexico

The hotel and restaurant management internship program provides hands-on experience in Mexican hotels and local restaurants, so you can learn more about your particular area of interest while practicing your working knowledge of Spanish. The beautiful weather attracts tons of visitors year-round, making it the perfect location for those in the hospitality field! International hotel and restaurant management internships in Mexico offers a great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and gain an insight into the mexican culture.


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Hospitality Internships in Ecuador

Broaden your knowledge of the hospitality industry with a customized international internship in Ecuador. During your hospitality internship in Ecuador, you will explore the realm of eco-tourism, delve into your field from another culture’s perspective, and interact with guests from around the world in a fast paced multicultural environment. Your resume is sure to stand out with customized international hospitality internships in Ecuador!


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Hospitality & Tourism Internships in Vancouver

Want to learn hospitable customs in one of the most popular travel destinations in the world?  In Vancouver, you will have the opportunity to take on a customer service role in upscale restaurants, hotels and resorts. Vancouver is an excellent location for a hospitality internship due to its diversity and significance as a tourist destination. Participants will be able to experience the unique and changing culture during their hospitality and tourism internship abroad in Vancouver.


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