International Business

International Business Internships in Spain

Barcelona is a major global business hub, and is home to many international companies. You could conduct international research for your company’s growth, work in an import/export department, or explore the global finance sector. International Business internships in Spain program is designed to promote professional growth and development, while gaining experience working in a multicultural environment, and building a vast network of professional contacts in the field.


International Relations Internships in USA

When you think of international relations in the U.S., it’s possible that the United Nations comes to mind. The international relations internship in the USA program will allow you to experience the world of global diplomacy. From international affairs to country-by-country trade and commerce, New York City is an excellent place to learn more about the field. Internships can be found in a variety of areas, such as: united relief work, political issues, international aid organizations, think tanks, global diplomatic offices, and more. International relations internships in the United States is a great way to gain professional experience, and exposure to multiple cultures while exploring the busy city of New York.


International Business Internships in Italy

International business internships in Italy provide interns with exemplary exposure to the various global approaches applied by Italian companies, such as: international trade, finance, marketing, international transaction policies, and cross-border relations. There’s no better way to gain international business experience than by interning with an international business! An internship abroad in Italy is sure to help interns gain the most relevant skills in the field during their fast paced and all encompassing cultural experience that will give them the edge in the workforce.