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Vietnam Medical Internships

Experience medical procedures abroad in Vietnam Medical Internships.

World Internships has fantastic programs for interns looking for hands-on Vietnam Medical Internships. Interns will fulfill their internships by being permitted to shadow nurses and doctors while experiencing and getting a sense of what working in a hospital or clinic in Vietnam is really like. Learning about medical practices on a global level will heighten an intern’s experience, inspiration, and skills. Interns will be working alongside medical professionals who are eager to help interns learn the ropes and succeed. During Vietnam Medical Internships, interns will also be allowed to assist in different ways, depending on the placements available and the level of previous experience and skills.


South Africa Law Internship

Explore human rights during your South Africa Law Internship within the new Constitution.

If you are interested in a South Africa Law Internship, our program offers some excellent opportunities within this field. Many of our finest South Africa Law Internship opportunities involve human rights law in South Africa, though we also offer more traditional law internships in corporate and environmental sectors. Our human rights law internships in Cape Town are arguably our most unique internship offerings within the legal field, because many firms and NGOs work directly with the South Africa Parliament to promote human rights causes. During your South Africa Law Internship you will be living in Cape Town, a beautiful and vibrant city rich with culture and fun. Enjoy immersing into the very culture you are supporting during your internship.


South Africa Medical Internship

Familiarize yourself with procedures and treatments during your South Africa Medical Internship

If you’re considering a career in medicine or healthcare, consider a South Africa Medical Internship. World Internships offers an impressive selection of programs to take part in within the South Africa Medical Internship program. As a medical intern in our program, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals at one of Cape Town’s public health projects or community medical clinics. This experience will give you first-hand access to South Africa’s healthcare system. In the past, South Africa Medical Internship participants have gained a unique understanding of HIV/AIDS and TB, gained familiarity with South Africa’s healthcare system, and are able to shadow professionals who are established in their field. You will be based in Cape Town, living in the community you are helping through your South Africa Medical Internship.


Midwife Internships in Morocco

If you are a midwife who loves to travel, then explore your profession in a new cultural setting – Rabat, Morocco! This program requires French-speaking, experienced nurses and midwives who are competent and trustworthy. This internship is both personally and professionally rewarding as it will expose you to a new country and people while allowing you to gain medical practice in your field.

* Intermediate to advanced knowledge of the French language required


Healthcare & Medicine Internships in China

Alternative medicine is becoming popular in many places. It originated in countries like China prior to mass industrialization, and its philosophy revolves around the body’s reaction to natural remedies. During your internship, you will broaden your knowledge of Western medicine and compare it with ancestral Chinese practices. Placements can be in local hospitals, clinics, or international medical centers. Depending on your interests, you can work in a surgical, neurological, or pediatric department. While you shadow hospital staff and work in clinical labs, you will gain hands-on medical experience while making a difference in a local Chinese community!

A background in Mandarin is preferred.


Medical Personnel Internships in Mexico

This internship provides hands-on work experience in a Latin American healthcare setting. Interns are expected to have taken upper-level courses in their field and have an intermediate level of Spanish. This program will help develop language skills and medical vocabulary while building intercultural competencies for professional work interactions. By providing insight into the similarities and differences between Mexican and American healthcare, interns will widen their skills and perspectives in order to better serve a diversity of patients.

Students interested in guided visits to hospitals, orphanages, and asylums should inform the placement team upon applying.


Medical Internships in India

Broaden your understanding of the medical field by gaining hands-on work experience in Mumbai! Interns are typically placed in local hospitals, international medical centers, and clinics, helping the local community by providing much-needed medical services. If you have interest in a particular field or aspect of medicine, let us know and we will work to find an internship suited to your specific needs. This program is ideal for pre-med and nursing students looking to enhance their resume and further their education.


Medical Internships in Thailand

Build your knowledge of the medical field while interning in Thailand. Opportunities are available working in clinics, hospitals and health centers. Intern taks and responsibilities include shadowing doctors, taking blood pressure, learning new medical procedures. Placements that are more public health focused are also available in Thailand. Interning in Thailand offers an excellent way for interns interested in the medical field to gain hands-on experience.


Medical Internships in Nepal

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali people, particularly women and children, suffer unnecessarily due to a lack of basic medical care. Your work at a hospital or clinic is an opportunity to provide a much-needed service while learning firsthand about basic healthcare in a third world country. If you have interest or experience in a particular field, let us know, and we will create an internship tailored specifically to you. This program is ideal for pre-med students, nursing students, or those with related levels of experience. Basic medical care can be administered in hospitals, clinics, schools, and orphanages. You will have the opportunity to interact with patients, shadow doctors, and perform various medical procedures, depending on your experience.


Medical Internships in Costa Rica

If you plan on pursuing a career in the medical field and want to explore Central America, then this internship program is perfect for you! Depending on your level of experience, you can work in healthcare administration or shadow a doctor at a private clinic. Placements are also available in small cities outside of San Jose in clinics that provide care for low-income families.

Interns with an advanced level of Spanish are preferred. We also offer Spanish training for those wishing to strongly improve their language skills.