Public Relations

Public Relations Internships in Spain

Gain professional international experience in the beautiful city of Barcelona! As a PR intern you will have the opportunity to organize and promote events for press releases while working alongside the marketing team to define and implement successful marketing strategies. As you represent your host company, you will also strive to establish relationships with new and existing clients.


Public Relations Internships in Italy

Polish your public relations skills with an international internship in Italy. This program will promote career and personal growth while improving your Italian language skills. You can help manage brands and company media, write press releases, develop consumer relations, or work alongside an advertising team for an Italian company!


Public Relations Internships in Australia

Explore the field of public relations from an international context. Public Relations Internships in Australia will be in a PR firm or a company’s PR department and give participants an insight into the workings of the organization’s daily duties and responsibilities. Most placements will involve a mix of communications, event planning, administrative tasks, and client relations. Your resume is sure to stand out with this impressive experience!