Sports Management Internships in London

Set yourself and your career in motion with a sports mangement internship in London! Depending on your interests, you can work with teams at sports facilities or manage sports marketing for NGOs and sports-related museums. There are many opportunities in this exciting field, including: research, PR, marketing, event management, communications, team coordination, and more.

Deadline for application is March 15.


Sports Internships in Mexico

Do you love sports? Pursue your passion with an Sports Internship in Mexico. Your experience will give you a firsthand look into the field, how it’s managed, and where it’s heading. Depending on your area of interest, you can focus on training, athletics, coaching, and more!


Sports Management Internships in Italy

Sports internships in Italy will have you training and coaching teams, while marketing them, their merchandise, and their games. During this program, you will shadow a professional trainer to enhance your knowledge of athletic training, learn how sports facilities arrange and promote events, and develop team game plans and strategies. After your internship, you will have a whole different perspective on the way sports are played, regarded, and managed in Italy.