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Italy Internships

  • wine-studies

Wine Studies Internships in Italy

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, dating back to the 2nd century BC! This is a truly unique internship program that will allow you to expand your knowledge […]

  • Rooftop-view-of-the-city

Tourism Internships in Italy

International tourism internships in Italy will provide hands-on experience for students and recent graduates in the outdoor recreation and tourism fields. International work experience is a key factor for anyone in the travel industry, and […]

  • sports

Sports Management Internships in Italy

Sports internships in Italy will have you training and coaching teams, while marketing them, their merchandise, and their games. During this internship program, you will shadow a professional trainer to enhance your knowledge of athletic […]

  • publishing

Publishing Internships in Italy

Publishing internships in Italy will cultivate your writing abilities, promote professional and personal growth, and give you a unique addition to your portfolio. Before a publication hits the shelves, it goes through a specific cycle; […]

  • public-relations-internship-with-world-internships

Public Relations Internships in Italy

Polish your public relations skills with an international internship in Italy. International public relations internships in Italy will promote career and personal growth while improving your Italian language skills. You can help manage brands and […]

  • photography

Photography Internships in Italy

Kodak moments are abundant in Italy among the many fabulous landscapes, historic buildings, and bustling cities. During international photography internships in Italy, interns can help build portfolio by assisting a professional photographer. Depending on your […]

  • interning-within-the-fashion-industry

Merchandising Internships in Italy

Customized international merchandising internships in Italy,  will allow interns to learn how to manufacture, buy, promote, and sell items from clothing and accessories, to cosmetics and furniture. Tasks may include setting up window and in-store […]

  • marketing-internship-group-at-work

Marketing and Advertising Internships in Italy

During your internship with an Italian marketing or advertising firm, you will develop marketing strategies for local businesses and enhance your own professional selling skills! International marketing and advertising internships in Italy are vast, so […]

  • journalism-internship-with-world-internships

Journalism Internships in Italy

Intern with a local magazine and experience the busy life of an Italian journalist! Conduct research for stories, write articles, and report on events – in English! International journalism internships in Italy will allow interns […]

  • jewellery-design

Jewelry Design Internships in Italy

As a leading country in fashion design, Italy is a great place to observe and study the latest trends in accessories. The creative atmospheres of Florence and Rome will inspire your own clothing and jewelry […]

  • int-education

International Education Internships in Italy

During international education internships in Italy interns can work with an Italian international education provider and assist in tasks ranging from marketing and PR to student advising. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on […]

  • int-business

International Business Internships in Italy

International business internships in Italy provide interns with exemplary exposure to the various global approaches applied by Italian companies, such as: international trade, finance, marketing, international transaction policies, and cross-border relations. There’s no better way […]

  • scooter-parked-outside-an-italian-home

Interior Design Internships in Italy

Effective use of space is essential to interior design, both for reasons of functionality and to create a welcoming environment. During international interior design internships in Italy interns will work alongside professionals as they create […]

  • hospitality

Hospitality Internships in Italy

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Italy is a great location for a hospitality internship. Hospitality interns will gain hands-on experience by working in Italian restaurants, hotels, lodges, and convention centers. International hospitality […]

  • handicraft

Handicraft Apprenticeships in Italy

Apprenticeships have been around since the 18th century BCE, and the practice of artisans training the next generation of skilled workers is still popular today. During handicraft apprenticeships in Italy interns will work alongside experienced […]

  • graphic-design-internship-with-world-internships

Graphic Design Internships in Italy

This program will provide graphic design students and recent graduates with the opportunity to test, apply, and improve their knowledge with hands-on experience in the field. Interns can be placed in ad agencies, magazine companies, […]

  • fashion

Fashion Internships in Italy

Add an international twist to your resume with an internship based in the fashion capital of the world – Italy! International fashion internships in Italy concentrates on promoting creativity and educating interns on all of […]

  • event-management-internship-with-world-internships

Event Management Internships in Italy

The increasing interest in personal engagement by companies and organizations has led to incredible growth in the industry of event management. Coordinating events, festivals, and conferences requires a great deal of organizational skills, creativity, and […]

  • nutrition

Dietetic and Nutrition Internships in Italy

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a delicate balance between eating properly and performing regular exercise. Everyone has different motivations for eating well – some want to lose weight, while others wish to treat ailments and […]

  • culinary-arts

Culinary Arts Internships in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next big-name chef? Then grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to intern in the culinary arts in Italy! As the birthplace of the “Slow Food” movement, Italian […]

  • statue-of-david-in-italy

Art and Art History Internships in Italy

Gain international experience in the home of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello. Italy is believed to have about 70% of the world’s recognized art and architecture, making it a prime location […]

  • spiral-staircase

Architecture Studies Internships in Italy

There’s no better place to experience the field of architecture than the birthplace of the Renaissance’s architectural movement – Italy! With over 100,000 monuments, you are sure to broaden your knowledge of architecture nearly everywhere […]

  • accounting

Accounting Internships in Italy

Accounting internships in Italy offers participants the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an accounting department of an Italian business or local accounting firm.  During international accounting internships in Italy, you will learn the similarities […]