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New Zealand Internships

Conservation Internships in New Zealand

Opportunities for conservation internships in New Zealand involve working in a stimulating and fun environment across a large number of areas. Tasks and responsibilities may include field assistance and environmental surveying, ecological consulting, liaising with key organizations and individuals […]

Sustainable Tourism Management Internships in New Zealand

Internship placements are offered with non-profit organizations in the backpacking industry. Currently, there are programs in New Zealand that focus on the development of hostels into Sustainable Living Centers (SLCs) that help minimize their impact […]

Social Work Internships in New Zealand

This internship program is designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the social work field. Your internship may be in an agency that offers multiple services, including the following: education for youths […]

Psychology Internships in New Zealand

This internship program is designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the field of psychology. Interns will assist in providing a wide range of services for adults with intellectual and/or psychiatric disabilities. […]

Print Media Internships in New Zealand

During this program, interns will have the opportunity to work in a newspaper office and gain hands-on experience in the field of journalism. Common tasks include: news sourcing, interviewing, news writing, photography, layout, and design. […]

Photography Internships in New Zealand

This is a great opportunity for interns to develop their photography skills, from taking pictures to developing them. Placements will be with a dealer gallery in Wellington that has a studio and darkroom for high-quality […]

Marketing Internships in New Zealand

For those interested in marketing and advertising, this internship will provide the opportunity to work with small boutique brand management and marketing agencies in New Zealand. Interns will have the opportunity to create and update […]

Law Internships in New Zealand

This program provides the opportunity for interns to work in community law offices that assist individuals who cannot afford to pay for legal services, or for those who have a legal need that cannot be […]

Event Management Internship in New Zealand

Intern in a big budget production that has been accepted in the REAL NZ Festival and the Festival Circus for the Rugby World Cup! This internship begins in June and will run through September when […]

Education Internships in New Zealand

Our education program provides interns with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a New Zealand primary or secondary school classroom. This enables students who need industry field work to complete that prerequisite in a […]

Communications Internships in New Zealand

This internship is ideal for those interested in communications, particularly in the sports arena! It will provide the opportunity to gain experience in the field by working on website design, news and media releases, telecommunications, […]

Business Internships in New Zealand

Interns will work in a business incubator with a culture that inspires creativity, innovation, excellence, courage, collaboration, and passion. Strive to become the most successful generator of high growth in New Zealand by nurturing, supporting, […]

Business Entrepreneurship Internships in New Zealand

This internship program will provide interns with valuable project experience at an internationally recognized event. New Zealand’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is the biggest celebration of innovation and entrepreneursip in the world, and various hosts are […]

Art and History Internships in New Zealand

Those interested in visual arts, museum studies, exhibition management, collection, arts marketing, and tourism management will benefit from this exciting opportunity. Interns will work in institutions that embrace their diverse community with exhibitions, events, public […]

Advertising Internships in New Zealand

Dive into the field of advertising with an internship in the hip and beautiful city of Wellington. Interns have the opportunity to work in various disciplines within an advertising agency, ranging from account management to […]