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Spain Internships

Travel and Tourism Internships in Spain

Barcelona is the most populous city in Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each month. Therefore, there are many opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. You could […]

Public Relations Internships in Spain

Gain professional international experience in the beautiful city of Barcelona! As a PR intern you will have the opportunity to organize and promote events for press releases while working alongside the marketing team to define […]

Photography Internships in Spain

Your internship in Barcelona will allow you to gain professional experience in photography by working in various galleries. Some duties may include: organizing shows, assisting with set design and gallery set-up, and coordinating marketing efforts. […]

Performing Arts Internships in Spain

This program will give interns exposure to the world of performing arts in a city that boasts world-renowned theatres, such as the Teatre Lliure and the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Home to the Barcelona and Catalonia […]

Music Internships in Spain

With over fifty theatres and music venues in Barcelona, it’s understood that music is an integral part of Catalonian culture. You can work for a music event company assisting in the organization of events, music […]

Micro-Business and Entrepreneurship Internships Program in Spain

*This is a great opportunity for gap-year students!* Spend 4 weeks in Barcelona this summer in our exclusive micro-business incubator program. This opportunity is ideal for students concentrating in journalism, business, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, […]

Marketing Internships in Spain

Barcelona is considered to be one of the world’s major global cities due to its influence in commerce and other business sectors. We offer placements in a wide variety of fields, such as: international marketing, social […]

Law Internships in Spain

Broaden your knowledge with an internship abroad that will expose you to the laws and practices used in Spain. You can conduct comparative research between Spanish law and your country’s law practices, attend trials and […]

Journalism Internships in Spain

Great opportunities are available in Barcelona for journalism internships. Depending on your background and interests, you can conduct research, write articles, arrange press releases, coordinate PR events, or even translate various publications from Spanish to […]

International Business Internships in Spain

Barcelona is a major global business hub and is home to many international companies. You could conduct international research for your company’s growth, work in an import/export department, or explore the global finance sector. This internship […]

Information Technology Internships in Spain

There are many available options for web design and IT systems management in Barcelona. You can develop and implement databases, build reports, or even work alongside a marketing team to effectively carry out various campaigns […]

Health and Fitness Internships in Spain

Promote to Catalonians the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, a proper diet, and a positive approach to life. Interns will be exposed to different areas, including: health coaching, personal training, nutritional services, fitness […]

Fashion Internships in Spain

You can learn about the cosmopolitan and bohemian flare of fashion in Barcelona by working with a local fashion magazine. This will incorporate various elements like journalism, translating, and event planning. Home to one of […]

Education Internships in Spain

There are a number of opportunities available within the education field in various NGOs in Barcelona. You could teach an English class at the Civic Center, instruct a beginner’s computer class, or even assist in […]

Culinary Arts Internships in Spain

Catalan cuisine is based on high-quality seafood, fruits, and vegetables that adapt with the different seasons and are representative of the region’s cultural and religious roots. Your knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine will greatly improve with […]

Communications Internships in Spain

This internship program in Barcelona will give interns first-hand experience in the diverse field of communications. In our globalized world, experience in an international setting is imperative to companies, especially within the communications field. During your […]

Broadcasting Internships in Spain

Learn more about the production process with a broadcasting internship in Barcelona! Enhance your development, management, and distribution skills by working with an independent film production company. You can assist in script writing, the selection […]

Art and Art History Internships in Spain

Barcelona is one of the world’s leading cultural centers; thus, it has a significant stronghold in the art community. There are tons of museums and galleries throughout the city, making it one of the best locations […]