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Put your creative energy to work with an internship in Art, Fashion or Design!

World Internships gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of the Art, Fashion and Design industries with an international internship where you can walk the same streets that inspired some of the world’s best known creative minds!

Design Internships in Japan

For the creative people out there, our Design internships in Japan are the perfect program for you. Learn how design and art is a fundamental part of the Japanese culture, [...]

Architecture Internships in China

The architectural richness of Beijing and Shanghai makes both cities excellent learning sites to intern and gain hands-on experience in the field. Beijing is home to many fascinating and [...]

Architecture Internships in India

Get inspired with India’s Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, and Indo-Saracenic buildings from Mumbai’s early colonial era! You can learn about the old while helping add to the new with [...]

Architecture Studies Internships in Italy

There’s no better place to experience the field of architecture than the birthplace of the Renaissance’s architectural movement – Italy! With over 100,000 monuments, you are sure to broaden [...]

Photography Internships in Australia

Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration down under with one of our photography internships in Australia. Interns will gain experience both in-studio and on location. Studio work may include assisting with [...]

Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Apply your passion for art and design to your career with our Spanish graphic design internship opportunities! Work with a variety of organizations to develop your portfolio while [...]

South Africa Photography Internships

Are you studying to become a photographer or moviemaker? Consider our South Africa Photography Internship. If you’re looking for suitable and varied environments to expand on your photography skills, you’ll [...]

Photography Internships in Spain

A customized World Internships photography program in Barcelona will help you to gain valuable professional experience abroad in galleries, print and digital media outlets, and event management companies. [...]

Performing Arts Internships in Spain

Performing Arts internships in Spain will give aspiring dancers, actors, and art administrators exposure to the world of international performing arts. Barcelona boasts world-renowned theaters, such as the [...]

Music Internships in Spain

Our Music internships in Spain offer endless opportunities to gain insight into the industry while working in a multicultural environment that promotes diversity, cultural understanding, and professional growth. [...]

Fashion Internships in Spain

A vibrant, multi-cultural city, one of the first things fashion interns may notice in Barcelona is the variety of dress colors and styles. As a fashion interns with [...]

Photography Internships in Ireland

Photography internships in Ireland will give you the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience working with professional photographers in the field. During this internship, you will develop your [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Ireland

As a Graphic Design intern at a firm in Ireland, you'll work closely alongside Senior Designers and Art Directors. Intern responsibilities will vary by placement, but all interns can expect to become [...]

Fashion Internships in London

Did you know that Fashion Week only takes place in four countries -- and London is one of them? Opportunities, knowledge and savvy in the fashion industry abound in this [...]

Art History Internships in London

As England’s cultural hub, London is known for its many galleries, museums and historical archives, making it a great place to explore the field of art history! During [...]

Fashion Internships in China

China’s trendsetting sensibility, fashion-forward cultural practices, and increasing collaboration with international fashion shows have made it a leader in the industry. Whether you want to study the historical relevance [...]

Photography Internships in New Zealand

Our customized photography internships in Wellington and Auckland offer a great opportunity for interns to develop their photography skills. Whether you're interested in being behind the camera, working [...]

Fashion Internships in India

Home to the colorful world of Bollywood, Mumbai is known for its lively business and arts scene. In a city where traditional garb blends with Western-style clothing, an international [...]

Photography Internships in Italy

Kodak moments are abundant in Italy among the many fabulous landscapes, historic buildings, and bustling cities. During international photography internships in Italy, interns can help build portfolio by assisting [...]

Interior Design Internships in Italy

Effective use of space is essential to interior design, both for reasons of functionality and to create a welcoming environment. During international interior design internships in Italy interns will [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Italy

This program will provide graphic design students and recent graduates with the opportunity to test, apply, and improve their knowledge with hands-on experience in the field. Interns can be [...]

Fashion Internships in Italy

Add an international twist to your resume with an internship in Italy, the fashion capital of the world. Our fashion internships in Italy concentrate on promoting creativity and educating [...]

Interior Design Internships in Australia

Apply your skills and know-how to a real-world work environment with an Interior Design internship in Australia. Exercise your creativity and expand your knowledge as you assist interior designers in choosing [...]

Visual Communications Internships in Italy

Visual communications is a varied and rapidly developing field- and an internship abroad will grant you invaluable international experience and set your resume apart from the crowd! We offer [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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