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Sports Management Internships in Spain

If you're a sports enthusiast and looking to turn your passion into a profession, our Sports Management internships in Spain are perfect for you. As a sports management intern, participants will gain a wealth of experience in event coordination, business and marketing and sports training programs. Interns responsibilities [...]

Sports Management Internships in Ireland

Learn the ropes with one of our Sports Management internships in Dublin, Ireland. Interns will work in an Irish athletic club and will have a wide variety of tasks within their role. Responsibilities may include: developing and maintaining the club's social media platforms and website in collaboration with the PR [...]

TV/Film Internships in Australia

Go behind-the-scenes with one of our TV/Film internships in Australia. Interns will work with a film company that has a hands-on presence in all aspects of TV/film production: equipment, facilities, hiring, set scouting and film events. With experience in genres such as documentary, discussion panels, drama conferences, short films [...]

Intern Insights: Carolyn, NGO intern in Nepal, pt. II

February 21, 2017 The Carolyn Chronicles: Part II Follow Carolyn's adventures on Twitter (@GetScaredLater) or on Instagram (@Get_Scared_Later). I'm typing this on my phone, as it is 11PM on Saturday night and all of the rest of my electronics are packed up. Why? Because I will be spending two [...]

Culinary Arts Internships in Rome

With one of our culinary arts internships in Rome, interns will be involved in back of the house operations at a popular local restaurant. Under the supervision of an Executive Chef who manages the operations of the kitchen, interns will likely work as line cooks -- a kitchen position that focus on learning [...]

Architecture Internships in Spain

Boost your resume and expand your knowledge with one of our customized architecture internships in Spain! Surrounded by decades-old buildings and working with seasoned professionals, this placement provides interns with first-hand experience in professional design contexts. Tasks may include initial observations of professional environment, working on design samples, [...]

Wildlife and Conservation Internships in New Zealand

Gain experience in and make a difference with one of our unique wildlife and conservation internships in New Zealand. As a conservation intern, you'll work with a conservation project and assist with trail construction, species monitoring, pest control and public education. Your knowledge of conservation science will expand exponentially with this practical, [...]

Photography Internships in Australia

Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration down under with one of our photography internships in Australia. Interns will gain experience both in-studio and on location. Studio work may include assisting with clients, assisting with studio shoots, post production work in photoshop, uploading photos to database, and sale, marketing and promotional tasks. [...]

Law Internships in London

Practical experience is an important part of your coursework, and with one of our law internships in London, interns will be exposed to the gamut of the field to bolster their academic knowledge. Specific tasks will vary by placement, but interns can expect to gain insight into data compilation and [...]

Intern Insights: Carolyn, NGO intern in Nepal, pt. I

February 7, 2017  The Carolyn Chronicles: Part I A World Internships NGO intern currently in Nepal, Carolyn shares with us her writings about her experiences abroad. Follow Carolyn's adventures on Twitter (@GetScaredLater) or on Instagram (@Get_Scared_Later). Two weeks in, and here is a short list of things that have become almost [...]