Marketing Internships in Australia

Live in beautiful Sydney or bustling Melbourne while you gain integral marketing skills to boost your career. During your marketing internship you will become proficient in key industry skills, such as social media, email campaigns, website design and development, and much more. Whether working for a start-up, yoga [...]

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Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how to operate a firm or agency. You’ll improve your writing, editing, research, and language skills while immersing yourself in a [...]

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Communications Internships in Spain

Communications internships in Spain will give interns first-hand experience in the diverse field of communications. In our globalized world, experience in an international setting is imperative to companies, especially within the communications field. During your internship abroad, you may be translating, writing articles, developing business communication plans, or working [...]

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Communications Internships in London

London is a magnet for prominent news companies like BBC, Reuters, CNN International, and the London Times. As one of Europe’s major media centers, London is an ideal place to sharpen your skills and add real-world, international experience to your resume. Depending on your individual interests, international communications [...]

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Advertising Internships in China

Shanghai and Beijing as two of the economic capitals of the world. With this Chinese companies must stay up-to date in promoting products and services by using various forms of media, such as television, internet, radio, and print publications. During your advertising internship, you will learn more about these [...]

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Marketing Internships in New Zealand

Gain industry insight and practical, hands-on experience with one of our marketing internships in New Zealand. Positions and tasks will vary as these internships are fully customizable! Placements have ranged from software companies, start-up tech firms and app developers to social welfare non-profit organizations and sports teams. Tasks [...]

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Communications Internships in New Zealand

Communications internships in New Zealand are ideal for motivated participants looking to set themselves apart with a global, cross-cultural perspective on their field. Internships will provide participants the opportunity to gain experience in website design, news and media releases and telecommunications. Communications interns with an interest in the [...]

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Advertising Internships in New Zealand

Dive into the field of advertising with a hands-on internship in Wellington or Auckland, New Zealand! Interns have the opportunity to work in various disciplines within an advertising agency, ranging from account management to creative production. Depending on your specific areas of interest, we’ll customize your internship abroad [...]

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Advertising Internships in India

International advertising internships allow participants to experience day-to-day life as a marketing specialist in Mumbai! Your specific advertising internship will be tailored to your own interests and background. In the past, our internship participants have worked on storyboards for advertisements, visualizations and concept developments for famous brands, on-demand evaluations, [...]

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Advertising Internships in Australia

Build your portfolio and expand your knowledge by interning in a local advertising firm or ad department. During your Australian internship, you’ll learn more about the creation, execution, transmission, and evaluation of advertising in various forms of media. Through promotions, sales, copywriting, and graphic design, our programs will give [...]

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