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Business Internships in China

Business is booming in Shanghai and Beijing -- an international business internship is the best way to get your foot in the door. Placements will either be in domestic Chinese companies or institutions situated in the international business market. We customize each internship to meet your interests in the myriad [...]

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Finance & Banking Internships in China

Shanghai is the commercial and financial powerhouse of China, while Beijing boasts its history as the first post-industrial city in mainland China. Both cities have incredible economic and international success, allowing our interns to gain real-world experience in the vast fields of finance and banking. Finance is one of [...]

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Business Internships in China

As Shanghai and Beijing rapidly expand, so do their business opportunities. Placements will either be with domestic companies within China or institutions in the international business market. In order to meet your specific interests, we customize each internship so that you can experience the myriad areas of trade and [...]

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