Human Resources Internships in China

Our Human Resources internships in China are an amazing opportunity to gain international and professional experience while working hard toward your future goals. Interns can choose from placements in Consulting/Management firms that service Fortune 500 and other multinational corporations. Interns' responsibilities will vary by placement but may include: assisting in the development [...]

Architecture Internships in China

The architectural richness of Beijing and Shanghai makes both cities excellent learning sites to intern and gain hands-on experience in the field. Beijing is home to many fascinating and historical architectural artifacts dating back to Paleolithic Homo sapiens! The city has a mix of ancient temples and contemporary cultural [...]

Marketing Internships in China

Depending on your area of interest, one of our marketing internships in China will give you the opportunity to work in advertising development, brand management, market research, promotions, and event coordination, while experiencing the culture through interactions with the public and members of your internship organization. With such a [...]

Business Internships in China

Business is booming in Shanghai and Beijing -- an international business internship is the best way to get your foot in the door. Placements will either be in domestic Chinese companies or institutions situated in the international business market. We customize each internship to meet your interests in the myriad [...]

Real Estate Internships in China

Shanghai and Beijing boast some of the largest populations in the world, between them and others living within city limits, and the need for manageable real estate is felt acutely by these Chinese citizens. International real estate internships in China can be as dynamic as the real estate industry [...]

NGO and Non-Profit Internships in China

There are copious NGOs (non-government organizations) and non-profits in the densely populated cities of Shanghai and Beijing. These organizations’ missions range from preserving the environment, protecting China’s history and culture, addressing the medical needs of China’s mainland population, and advocating work for disaffected communities. During your international internship, you [...]

Law Internships in China

China offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in your field by interning at an international law firm. During your internship, you will work alongside lawyers and various clients, covering myriad issues and areas. For example, you could work on cases involving mergers and acquisitions, foreign direct investments, [...]

Hospitality & Tourism Internships in China

China is a popular destination that caters to a diverse international crowd. With its unique shops, cuisine, and attractions, quality hospitality is vital to China’s economy. Whether you want to work at a large, global hotel branch or somewhere smaller and more specific to China, internship placements in the [...]

Healthcare and Medicine Internships in China

Alternative medicine originated in countries like China prior to mass industrialization, and its philosophy revolves around the body’s reaction to natural remedies. During your internship, you will broaden your knowledge of Western medicine and compare it with ancestral Chinese practices. Placements can be in local hospitals, clinics, or international [...]

Finance & Banking Internships in China

Shanghai is the commercial and financial powerhouse of China, while Beijing boasts its history as the first post-industrial city in mainland China. Both cities have incredible economic and international success, allowing our interns to gain real-world experience in the vast fields of finance and banking. Finance is one of [...]