Law Internships in London

Practical experience is an important part of your coursework, and with one of our law internships in London, interns will be exposed to the gamut of the field to bolster their academic knowledge. Specific tasks will vary by placement, but interns can expect to gain insight into data compilation and [...]

Industry Immersion: International Business & Finance in London

What's Included Airport pick-up and drop off On-site orientation Visa assistance Housing – shared apartments with other interns Social and cultural activities Comprehensive medical and accident insurance 24/7 emergency support WI support services from start to finish Re-entry workshop Welcome and farewell dinners Seminars with Industry [...]

Finance Internships in London

Immerse yourself in the financial hub of the United Kingdom with one of our finance internships in London! London is a fabulous location to set your experience apart in the finance field, and we offer many opportunities to kickstart your international resume. Get professional experience with an internship in sports [...]

Travel and Tourism Internships in London

Each year international travelers from all over the world flock to London making it the perfect location for a tourism internship abroad. Depending on your background and areas of interest, placements may include hotels, travel agencies, railroad services, and hospitality organizations. Be a part of this lucrative industry while [...]

Political Science Internships in London

Home to the renowned Whitehall, Parliament, and Labour Party, London is the perfect place for a political science internship. Add an international angle to your resume while gaining hands-on experience in your field. Past placements involved assisting in the House of Commons, working with think tanks and government-sponsored [...]

Performing Arts Internships in London

If you are passionate about performing arts, then you already know why London is one of the world’s best places for theater. With nearly 15 million commercial theater attendees a year, London’s West End district is rivaled only by New York City’s Broadway. During your performing arts internship, [...]

History Internships in London

As one of the oldest and most influential countries, England has played a tremendous role in our world’s history. Whatever your historical focus be, interning in London is sure to change your perspective on what you’ve been taught thus far. The city’s multitude of museums and archives allows [...]

Fashion Internships in London

Did you know that Fashion Week only takes place in four countries -- and London is one of them? Opportunities, knowledge and savvy in the fashion industry abound in this modern cosmopolitan city. Become familiar and proficient in design concepts, public relations, marketing, boutique management and/or fashion magazine campaigns and design. [...]

Event Management Internships in London

London is host to year-round major events: the Olympics, royal weddings, conferences for major institutions...really, there’s no better place to gain exciting and valuable experience in your field. Whether you’re hosting an exhibition opening in one of the city’s many museums or coordinating theatre productions in the eminent [...]

Communications Internships in London

London is a magnet for prominent news companies like BBC, Reuters, CNN International, and the London Times. As one of Europe’s major media centers, London is an ideal place to sharpen your skills and add real-world, international experience to your resume. Depending on your individual interests, international communications [...]