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Wildlife and Conservation Internships in New Zealand

Gain experience in and make a difference with one of our unique wildlife and conservation internships in New Zealand. As a conservation intern, you'll work with a conservation project and assist with trail construction, species monitoring, pest control and public education. Your knowledge of conservation science will expand exponentially with this practical, [...]

Environmental Studies and Conservation Internships in South Africa

In the heart of one of South Africa’s treasured national parks, this conservation internship will help you gain experience in nature conservation and environmental management and education and interpretation. You will get to accompany groups on trails and help out in other facets. APPLY NOW TALK TO AN [...]

Environmental Studies and Conservation Internships in Ecuador

The biodiversity found in Ecuador makes it a perfect site for those in the environmental studies and conservation fields. Interns will work alongside local staff on nature conservation and research projects. They will collaborate with community members to implement farming practices that are more economically and environmentally-conscious. There are [...]