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Engineering Internships in New Zealand

Our Engineering internships in New Zealand are among the most diverse available in any country. Choose from an internship in one of the following sectors: mechanical, electronic and electrical, aerospace, architectural, chemical, civil and structural, hydraulic, I.T. or energy engineering. Placements are available in both Auckland and Wellington. Specific [...]

Engineering Internships in Vietnam

A rapidly enterprising country, Vietnam is an ideal location in which to broaden your knowledge and skills in the engineering industry. Placement opportunities are available in a multitude of fields, including: civil, chemical, environmental, electrical, information technology (IT) and mechanical engineering. Alternatively, we are happy to work with you [...]

Engineering Internships in China

An internship in chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineering in China gives you the opportunity to put your skills and knowledge to the test in an international workplace. Shanghai and Beijing are competitors in the world market for engineering tasks. Whether you’re forming new chemical bonds for upcoming products, or [...]