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South Africa Human Resources and Management Internship

Enhance your resume and expand your skill set with one of our Human Resources and Management internships in South Africa. Intern tasks will vary by placement, but generally, interns will become proficient in incentives communication with employees, tracking and collating nominations for ELT to review, organizing gift experiences [...]

Micro-Business and Entrepreneurship Internships in Spain

Spend four weeks in Barcelona with our micro-business and entrepreneurship internships in Spain. This program is ideal for students concentrating in journalism, business, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, political science, and similar fields. Enjoy the perks  of our program in Spain (i.e., language instruction and housing) with added bonuses -- business [...]

Business Internships in India

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, rich culture of India with one of our customized business internships abroad. World Internships will tailor-make your internship according to your interests and professional ambitions. Choose from programs in the following areas: business development, consulting, sales, marketing, human resources, trading and supply chain management. You [...]