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TV/Film Internships in South Africa

Get your foot in the door with one one of our TV/Film internships in South Africa. South Africa has a lively television, film and photography industry — it is among the top five burgeoning fields along the Western Cape. In 2003, an R30-million post-production facility was constructed in [...]

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Design Internships in Japan

For the creative people out there, our Design internships in Japan are the perfect program for you. Learn how design and art is a fundamental part of the Japanese culture, history and way of thinking. Choose from internships in graphic, web and fashion design, video editing or 3D design at [...]

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Journalism Internships in Colombia

With one of our Journalism internships in Colombia, interns will work for a news publication that covers Colombia’s economy, business, finance, and investment sectors. This publication's target audience is global executives, accredited investors, economists and international money managers. They are overseen by a team of professionals from the financial sector and journalism [...]

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TV/Film Internships in Australia

Go behind-the-scenes with one of our TV/Film internships in Australia. Interns will work with a film company that has a hands-on presence in all aspects of TV/film production: equipment, facilities, hiring, set scouting and film events. With experience in genres such as documentary, discussion panels, drama conferences, short films [...]

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Film Internships in India

Work for an independent film company in Bollywood with one of our film internships in India! As one of the largest and most lucrative film centers in the world, India -- home of Bollywood -- is the perfect place for aspiring directors, producers and actors. Interns looking to work in [...]

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Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how to operate a firm or agency. You’ll improve your writing, editing, research, and language skills while immersing yourself in a [...]

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Book Publishing Internships in Italy

Get hands-on, comprehensive experience with our book publishing internships in Italy! This placement is designed as a full immersion internship in the a prestigious university press. You will work on publications throughout this special project experience. All areas of book publishing will be covered, from concept creation to research, [...]

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Community Radio Station Internship in New Zealand

Communications? IT? Design? This community radio station is looking for interns to assist their station with a variety of responsibilities. Past interns have used their time to produced short promotional films about the station, made photographic and audio documentaries about the station, and even painted murals. APPLY NOW [...]

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South Africa Journalism Internship

Fulfilling a South Africa Journalism Internship while experiencing the vibrant city of Cape Town Assist a Magazine Editor Jump right into the field of journalism with this internship assisting a magazine editor! Join the publication and practice journalistic research, basic editing and design. Cape Town Journalism and Marketing Internship This marketing [...]

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Journalism Internships in Spain

As the biggest city within the Spanish state of Cataolina, Barcelona is rich with a unique mix of culture, history, and current events. Journalism interns can flex their research, writing and reporting skills with positions in local newspapers and magazines. Depending on your background and interests, you can [...]

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