Business (HR, Consulting, Digital Marketing) Internships in Japan

Did you know Japan is ranked 3rd of world’s largest economies? You might be aware of Japanese cars, electronical devices and of course all the other good things like sushi, art, manga and anime. We are working with national and international companies through Japan but mainly in Tokyo [...]

Marketing, Communications, and PR Internships in Colombia

Enhance your knowledge of the industry with a Marketing, Communications and PR Internship in Colombia! Interns will work with a French-Colombian travel agency that is an ATR Member (Agir pour un Tourisme Responsable, or “Responsible Tourism in Action”). This business has offices throughout Colombia and will be playing a major part in [...]

Marketing Internships in China

Depending on your area of interest, one of our marketing internships in China will give you the opportunity to work in advertising development, brand management, market research, promotions, and event coordination, while experiencing the culture through interactions with the public and members of your internship organization. With such a [...]

Marketing Internships in Australia

A marketing internship will provide you with coveted marketing skills in the beautiful, bustling capital of down under. Though duties and tasks will vary by assignment, marketing interns can expect to assist clients in achieving strategic goals and facilitate broadening customer bases and become proficient in affiliate and [...]

Safari Internships in South Africa

Adventure awaits in South Africa! Our safari internships in South Africa cover a wide range of majors and interests, from safari guide internships to positions working in marketing and tourism. Get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife of South Africa while adding unique work experience to [...]

Yoga & Marketing Internship in Australia

The ideal internship to combine passions! This marketing and events coordinator position aids a resource directory for yoga opportunities across Australia. You will be tasked with increasing the company’s social marketing presence, updating the website, help market and advertise events, give design and copy ideas and generally broaden the [...]

South Africa Marketing and International Business Internship

A trade center internship ideal for those interested in international business! Interns here will be responsible for a variety of duties. Develop your marketing research skills and work on web development projects. Use this opportunity to gain insight into trade expos, public relations and trade publishing. APPLY NOW [...]

South Africa Tourism and Marketing Internship

This travel agency in South Africa is an ideal setting to further your knowledge of the tourism industry! As a member of this team you will assist travellers with information regarding tours, bookings, and reservations. In the marketing office you will promote other centers within the organization and learn [...]

Vietnam Business, Marketing, and IT Internships

For endless possibilities consider Vietnam Business Marketing and IT Internships. Vietnam is quickly growing as a hub for global business relations, so there are plenty of exciting opportunities for international Vietnam Business, Marketing, and IT Internships participants to get their foot in the door. Interns can work with a [...]

Marketing Internships in Spain

Barcelona, Spain is considered to be one of the world’s major global cities due to its influence in commerce and other business sectors. World Internships offers Marketing internships in Spain in a wide variety of fields, such as: international marketing, social networking, marketing plan presentations, internal marketing, and external [...]