Human Resources Internships in Spain

Gain international and professional experience while working hard toward your future goals with one of our customizable Human Resources internships in Spain. Interns can choose from placements in a multitude of different companies -- we will customize your internship based on your preferences and professional ambitions. Responsibilities will vary, but [...]

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NGO Internships in Spain

Your dedication to your work will not go unnoticed by future employers when you participate in one of our NGO internships in Spain. Spain offers a wife range of work opportunities within the Non-Profit and NGO sectors. Placements are available, for example, in educational NGO's, non-profit women's social work [...]

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Accounting/Finance Internships in Spain

Our Accounting/Finance internships in Spain are within a hugely diverse range of businesses. Interns can choose from from placements in a restaurant, an auditing company, a translation services company, a fiscal department, an education NGO, or a neighborhood wine shop. Each placement will afford interns the opportunity to expand [...]

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Sports Management Internships in Spain

If you're a sports enthusiast and looking to turn your passion into a profession, our Sports Management internships in Spain are perfect for you. As a sports management intern, participants will gain a wealth of experience in event coordination, business and marketing and sports training programs. Interns responsibilities [...]

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Architecture Internships in Spain

Boost your resume and expand your knowledge with one of our customized architecture internships in Spain! Surrounded by decades-old buildings and working with seasoned professionals, this placement provides interns with first-hand experience in professional design contexts. Tasks may include initial observations of professional environment, working on design samples, [...]

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Environmental Studies Internships in Spain

Start your career off in a growing field with our environmental studies internships in Spain! We offer several different opportunities across different fields that let interns do good work for the planet. Combine your passions with one of our engineering, international business or marketing internships! APPLY NOW TALK [...]

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Event Management Internships in Spain

Hone your public relations skills and expand your network on an international scale with our event management internships in Spain! We offer a variety of opportunities across many industries, from culinary arts to publishing, fashion to social work. Choose from several different contexts in which to apply your [...]

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Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Apply your passion for art and design to your career with our Spanish graphic design internship opportunities! Work with a variety of organizations to develop your portfolio while helping them achieve their goals in terms of image improvement, branding, and advertising. Expand your field of experience through working in different [...]

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Travel and Tourism Internships in Spain

Barcelona is the most populous city in Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each month. Therefore, there are many opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. Interns could work for a local travel agency, lead tours around the city, or work [...]

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Public Relations Internships in Spain

Gain professional international experience during custom public relations internships in Spain with World Internships! As a PR intern you will have many opportunities to organize and promote events, organize press releases, work alongside a marketing team to define and implement successful marketing strategies. As you represent your host company, [...]

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