Communications Internships


Communication is ubiquitous in every field of business. 

As a communications intern, you’ll exercise your creativity as you work to create meaning across various media verticals and channels. Communications interns will work in verbal, visual and even electronic capacities. Effective communication skills are an essential skills in today’s marketplace: cultivate yours with one of our communication internships abroad. 

Marketing Internships in Canada

Vancouver is an amazing city for English speakers to gain hands-on, real-world marketing experience. Your role may relate to advertising development, brand management, market research, promotions, and event [...]

TV/Film Internships in Australia

Go behind-the-scenes with one of our TV/Film internships in Australia. Interns will work with a film company that has a hands-on presence in all aspects of TV/film production: equipment, [...]

Film Internships in India

Work for an independent film company in Bollywood with one of our film internships in India! As one of the largest and most lucrative film centers in the [...]

Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how [...]

Book Publishing Internships in Italy

Get hands-on, comprehensive experience with our book publishing internships in Italy! This placement is designed as a full immersion internship in the a prestigious university press. You will work [...]

Event Management Internships in Spain

Hone your public relations skills and expand your network on an international scale with our event management internships in Spain! We offer a variety of opportunities across many [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Apply your passion for art and design to your career with our Spanish graphic design internship opportunities! Work with a variety of organizations to develop your portfolio while [...]

South Africa Journalism Internship

Fulfilling a South Africa Journalism Internship while experiencing the vibrant city of Cape Town Assist a Magazine Editor Jump right into the field of journalism with this internship assisting a [...]

Communications Internships in Spain

Communications internships in Spain will give interns first-hand experience in the diverse field of communications. In our globalized world, experience in an international setting is imperative to companies, especially [...]

Broadcasting Internships in Spain

Dive into producing, reporting, and writing television or radio shows with a customized broadcasting internship in Barcelona! Enhance your development, management, and distribution skills by working with an [...]

Journalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your journalism career with a customized internship at a news or current events outlet in Morocco! Your writing and reporting skills will improve, as will your editing, [...]

Web Design Internships in Ireland

Web Design interns in Dublin -- Ireland's global hub -- will be involved in the designing, improving, updating, and maintenance of websites to reflect the brand, and the [...]

Event Management Internships in London

London is host to year-round major events: the Olympics, royal weddings, conferences for major institutions...really, there’s no better place to gain exciting and valuable experience in your field. [...]

Communications Internships in London

London is a magnet for prominent news companies like BBC, Reuters, CNN International, and the London Times. As one of Europe’s major media centers, London is an ideal [...]

Print Media Internships in New Zealand

Our print media internships in New Zealand offer an insider's look into the unique worlds of New Zealand's top newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses. Common tasks include: news [...]

Communications Internships in New Zealand

Communications internships in New Zealand are ideal for motivated participants looking to set themselves apart with a global, cross-cultural perspective on their field. Internships will provide participants the [...]

Journalism Internships in Italy

Gain practical, professional experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world with one of our Journalism internships in Italy. Depending on your placement, you could be [...]

Event Management Internships in Italy

The increasing interest in personal engagement by companies and organizations has led to incredible growth in the industry of event management. Coordinating events, festivals, and conferences requires a great [...]

Journalism Internships in Australia

Choose from a wide variety of different kinds of publications for your customized Journalism internship in Australia. Depending on your background and interests, placements can be in magazines, newspapers, [...]

Event Management Internships in Australia

Build your portfolio with an international event management internship in the fun and dynamic country of Australia. Seasonal, cultural, and international events that occur throughout the year keep interns [...]

Visual Communications Internships in Italy

Visual communications is a varied and rapidly developing field- and an internship abroad will grant you invaluable international experience and set your resume apart from the crowd! We offer [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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