Engineering Internships

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Gain hands-on, practical experience with our engineering internships abroad. Placement opportunities are available in the civil, chemical, environmental, electrical, information technology (IT) and mechanical engineering sectors

Placements range from working at a robotics manufacturing firm to developing water pollution control systems at a sustainable innovation company; assisting in the development of environmentally-friendly technologies to partaking in the development of groundbreaking healthcare treatments. Internship duties will vary by market and location assignment, but invariably, your assistance will be key in seeing projects through to completion and carrying out your company’s mission.

Design Internships in Japan

For the creative people out there, our Design internships in Japan are the perfect program for you. Learn how design and art is a fundamental part of the Japanese culture, [...]

Engineering Internships in South Africa

Our engineering internships in South Africa are an exceptional opportunity to experience the industry in action. As Cape Town’s economy grows, so too does the demand for engineering companies [...]

Engineering Internships in New Zealand

Our Engineering internships in New Zealand are among the most diverse available in any country. Choose from an internship in one of the following sectors: mechanical, electronic and [...]

Engineering Internships in Australia

Electrical engineering internships in Australia will provide insight into the specification, design, development, and implementation of a company’s products. You could join this professional and highly motivated team as an [...]

Engineering Internships in Vietnam

A rapidly enterprising country, Vietnam is an ideal location in which to broaden your knowledge and skills in the engineering industry. Placement opportunities are available in a multitude [...]

Engineering Internships in India

Enhance your engineering knowledge and abilities by working in Mumbai’s innovative international economy. To ensure that you work in your particular area of interest, various fields of engineering are [...]

Engineering Internships in China

Enhance your skills and knowledge in an international setting with one of our engineering internships in China. Choose from programs in the chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering sectors [...]

Engineering Internships in Spain

Put your skills to the test with one of our many engineering internships in Spain! Engineering is a wide field, with several unique subfields to choose from, such as civil engineering, [...]

Computer Science Internships in Spain

Put your computer science skills to the test with one of our many computer science internships in Spain! We offer a variety of positions in which you will gain hands-on experience [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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