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Welcome Parents

There are many benefits to be derived from an intern abroad experience. Our interns return with a new perspective on the world, a stronger appreciation for foreign cultures, and improved language skills. Perhaps most importantly, however, an internship abroad experience provides each of our participants with the opportunity for professional and personal growth.

At World Internships we believe that participation in an international internship will equip your child with the experience needed to successfully enter the job market. Through interning in a foreign work context, your child will not only gain valuable cultural exposure, but he or she will also learn new skills critical to their field that will improve their marketability with future employers.

Our staff are more than happy to speak with you about the value that comes from interning abroad and which program might be the best fit for your child. Please feel free to email us at or call our office directly at (+1) 970 797 5616.

Nothing stands out on a resume like an international internship!

What distinguishes World Internships from other programs

All of our programs include the following: internship placement and supervision, housing, medical and accident insurance, on-site orientation, airport pickup, cultural and social activities, visa advice, and on-going WI support throughout the program. Some programs also include excursions, language instruction, and professional workshops to make sure your child maximizes his or her experience.

Excellent communication

We understand the importance of the program for you and your family and we know that it can be a slow and challenging process. To minimize this, and to help give you the best placement fit and preparation time possible, we are committed to giving you prompt and professional service through out your application and program process. Whether by email, Skype, or phone, we will be in close communication with your child throughout the program to ensure that their stay abroad is a success.

A passion to provide international experience to all

All of our US based staff have studied, interned, volunteered, or lived overseas. We are passionate about fostering meaningful international experiences and understand the importance of working with each applicant individually to make sure they are matched with the right employer.

We are committed to your children’s professional development

In addition to placing your child with an internship in the field of their choice, we also work with them to make sure they have access to the cultural and professional tools they need to be successful in their placement. We will work with your child to develop his or her resume and cover letter, provide interview advice, coach them on cultural business etiquette, and help with other on-going professional support such as how to make a good first impression with their supervisors.

Global and safe locations

Our program locations are carefully selected to ensure that they represent a broad variety of professional and cultural work environments. Perhaps most importantly, however, all of our program locations are recognized as a safe destination by the US Department of State, and we work with local staff in each country to offer superior on-site support.

24/7 Emergency Contact and Protection

We understand the importance of being informed and up-to-date on overseas happenings with our participants. For this reason, we have on-site contacts and a 24/7 emergency phone line so that issues can be handled immediately. All of our interns are also enrolled in our extensive medical and accident insurance policy and have 24/7 contacts on-site in the rare event of an emergency.

The emergency contact number for ON SITE issues or emergencies is: +1.970.568.6497

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