Health Sciences Internships

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The health industry includes everything from clinical work to health promotion and healthcare and everything in between.

Placements can be in research, marketing, health foundations, clinics, hospitals, and more

Medical Internships in Morocco

Intern abroad with our medical internships in Morocco! Students with a background in medicine, midwifery and nursing are eligible for this internship which is designed to give a [...]

Vietnam Medical Internships

Experience medical procedures abroad in Vietnam Medical Internships. World Internships has fantastic programs for interns looking for hands-on Vietnam Medical Internships. Interns will fulfill their internships by being permitted [...]

South Africa Medical Internship

Familiarize yourself with procedures and treatments during your South Africa Medical Internship If you’re considering a career in medicine or health sciences, consider a South Africa medical internship. World [...]

Midwife Internships in Morocco

Gain practical, professional experience in Midwifery with one of Midwife internships in Morocco. Midwife internships in Morocco requires French-speaking, experienced nurses and midwives who are competent and trustworthy. [...]

Healthcare and Medical Internships in China

Alternative medicine originated in countries like China prior to mass industrialization, and its philosophy revolves around the body’s reaction to natural remedies. During your internship, you will broaden [...]

Medical Internships in India

Broaden your understanding of the medical field by gaining hands-on work experience in Mumbai or Bangalore, India! Interns in medical internships are typically placed in local hospitals, international medical [...]

Holistic Medicine Internships in Ecuador

During your holistic medicine internship in Ecuador, you will have the opportunity to assist therapists in giving care to patients through the use of holistic medicine and practices. Holistic [...]

Medical Internships in Ecuador

There are thousands of people in Ecuador who are deprived of health-related resources and services, receiving little to no healthcare. During international health internships in Ecuador, interns will educate [...]

Medical Internships in Nepal

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali people, particularly women and children, suffer unnecessarily due to a lack of basic medical care. Your work at a [...]

Dental Internships in Nepal

Quality dental care is a huge issue in Nepal, and many Nepali citizens grow up without access to regular dental check-ups. Your assistance in this dental internship program [...]

Engineering Internships in Spain

We can accommodate customized placements within civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering in our Barcelona location. We offer positions in a variety of industries in which you will gain [...]

Medical Internships in Costa Rica

If you plan on pursuing a career in the medical field and want to explore Central America, then this internship program is perfect for you! Depending on your level [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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