Health Sciences Internships

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The health industry includes everything from clinical work to health promotion and healthcare and everything in between.

Placements can be in research, marketing, health foundations, clinics, hospitals, and more

South Africa Medical Internship

Familiarize yourself with procedures and treatments during your South Africa Medical Internship If you’re considering a career in medicine or health sciences, consider a South Africa medical internship. World [...]

Medical Internships in Morocco

Intern abroad with our medical internships in Morocco! Students with a background in medicine, midwifery and nursing are eligible for this internship which is designed to give a practical [...]

Health and Fitness Internships in Spain

Promote to Catalonians the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, a proper diet, and a positive approach to life. Interns will be exposed to different areas, [...]

Health Internships in Ecuador

There are thousands of people in Ecuador who are deprived of health-related resources and services, receiving little to no healthcare. During international health internships in Ecuador, interns will educate [...]

Dental Internships in Nepal

Quality dental care is a huge issue in Nepal. It is estimated that there are only 350 dentists throughout the entire country for its 30 million people. Your assistance [...]

Dietetic and Nutrition Internships in Italy

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a delicate balance between eating properly and performing regular exercise. Everyone has different motivations for eating well – some want to lose weight, while [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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