History Internships

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What better place to learn more about history than in the actual locations of the historic events you have studied?


Having a background in history not only opens doors such as teaching or working in a museum, but your ability to make an argument based off of historical evidence also paves the way for you to explore positions in law, journalism, and the business world as a whole. We can help you get into the area of history that you are looking to pursue, whether that be research focused, communications focused, or education focused. Help set up a museum exhibition, assist in the development of educational programs, or even assist in the fundraising of a museum.

History Internships in London

As one of the oldest and most influential countries, England has played a tremendous role in our world’s history. Whatever your historical focus may be, interning in London is [...]

If you don’t see an internship option that suits you then please get in touch with one of our advisors who will be happy to customize an internship for you.

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