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Put your creative eye to good use with one of our interior design internships abroad. 

Our programs offer an all-encompassing professional experience that expand upon your unique creative and technical skills. You will become familiar with and proficient in client services, software usage, proposal development, resource updating, vendor management, designer assistance, production facilitation and more. 

Design Internships in Japan

For the creative people out there, our Design internships in Japan are the perfect program for you. Learn how design and art is a fundamental part of the Japanese culture, [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Apply your passion for art and design to your career with our Spanish graphic design internship opportunities! Work with a variety of organizations to develop your portfolio while [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Ireland

As a Graphic Design intern at a firm in Ireland, you'll work closely alongside Senior Designers and Art Directors. Intern responsibilities will vary by placement, but all interns can expect to become [...]

Interior Design Internships in Italy

Effective use of space is essential to interior design, both for reasons of functionality and to create a welcoming environment. During international interior design internships in Italy interns will [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Italy

This program will provide graphic design students and recent graduates with the opportunity to test, apply, and improve their knowledge with hands-on experience in the field. Interns can be [...]

Interior Design Internships in Australia

Apply your skills and know-how to a real-world work environment with an Interior Design internship in Australia. Exercise your creativity and expand your knowledge as you assist interior designers in choosing [...]

Visual Communications Internships in Italy

Visual communications is a varied and rapidly developing field- and an internship abroad will grant you invaluable international experience and set your resume apart from the crowd! We offer [...]

Don’t see a placement that works for you? No problem — our advisors will work with you to customize an internship tailored to your unique interests and professional ambitions.

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World Internships is dedicated to supporting our interns abroad. Personalization is the cornerstone of our philosophy: we work with you to create an experience that embraces and nurtures your interests, geographical preferences, goals and professional aspirations.

Life is an adventure – we want to be a part of your journey through it.

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