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Ireland Internships

Sports Management Internships in Ireland

  Flex your marketing, development, and strategy muscles with a sports management internship in Dublin, Ireland! With futbol, hurling, golf and more, there's a sports management placement to fit every intern. In the [...]

Web Design Internships in Ireland

Web Design interns in Dublin -- Ireland's global hub -- will be involved in the designing, improving, updating, and maintenance of websites to reflect the brand, and the client company. While gaining professional [...]

Travel & Tourism Internships in Ireland

Hone your customer service skills while learning the ins and outs of the tourism market in Ireland. You'll work in-office at a number of different tourism companies, travel agencies, and event management organizations. [...]

Social Media Internships in Ireland

As a social media intern in Ireland, you will engage in a range of tasks, such as: creating newsletters for social networks, writing news articles for customers, promoting the company’s products, and marketing services [...]

Sales Internships in Ireland

If you're looking to gain hands-on sales experience in a unique global market, Dublin is the perfect city for you.As a sales intern, you may serve in either retail or office-based sales opportunities. [...]

Photography Internships in Ireland

Photography internships in Ireland will give you the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience working with professional photographers in the field. During this internship, you will develop your studio skills and deepen your [...]

NGO/Charity Internships in Ireland

This internship program is for those with big hearts! World internships offers the opportunity for you to learn more about the dynamics of an NGO/charity while working alongside experienced managers in the beautiful country [...]

International Marketing Internships in Ireland

International marketing internships in Ireland enable you to work alongside managers and learn directly from directors in relevant companies. This is your opportunity to add visible value to the company hosting your internship. [...]

Information Technology Internships in Ireland

Hoping to gain some unique, hands-on IT experience? Look no further than our customized IT placements in Dublin! IT interns in Ireland participate in desktop support, network administration, programming, and SW development. All [...]

Human Resources and Recruitment Internships in Ireland

Human resources and recruitment are at the very heart of every company. Responsibilities in a human resources internship position are diverse, including advertising, registering applicants, screening and vetting individuals, sourcing applicants for specific [...]

Hotel and Catering Internships in Ireland

Hospitality interns in Ireland have the opportunity to work in an Irish-based hotel, lodge, guest house, or restaurant. Many varied roles and placements are available, including: Reception/Front Office, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Administration, [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Ireland

As a Graphic Design intern at a firm in Ireland, you'll work closely alongside Senior Designers and Art Directors. Intern responsibilities will vary by placement, but all interns can expect to become proficient in generating powerful, dynamic [...]

Business Internships in Ireland

International business internships in Ireland are designed to expose interns to the various areas of a business, including: finance, product development, marketing, customer service, and sales. World Internships will place interns into a [...]

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