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Let us customize a Marketing internship abroad for you. 

Marketing Internships in Canada

Become adept in advertising development, brand management, market research, promotions, and event coordination, while experiencing the culture through interactions with the public and members of your internship organization with [...]

Marketing Internships in China

Depending on your area of interest, one of our marketing internships in China will give you the opportunity to work in advertising development, brand management, market research, promotions, and [...]

Marketing Internships in Australia

A marketing internship will provide you with coveted marketing skills in the beautiful, bustling capital of down under. Though duties and tasks will vary by assignment, marketing interns [...]

Marketing Internships in South Africa

Adventure awaits in South Africa! Our safari internships in South Africa cover a wide range of majors and interests, from safari guide internships to positions working in marketing [...]

Yoga & Marketing Internship in Australia

The ideal internship to combine passions! This marketing and events coordinator position aids a resource directory for yoga opportunities across Australia. You will be tasked with increasing the company’s [...]

Marketing Internships in Spain

Barcelona, Spain is considered to be one of the world’s major global cities due to its influence in commerce and other business sectors. World Internships offers Marketing internships in [...]

International Business Internships in Spain

Barcelona is a major global business hub, and is home to many international companies. You could conduct international research for your company’s growth, work in an import/export department, or [...]

Communications Internships in Spain

Communications internships in Spain will give interns first-hand experience in the diverse field of communications. In our globalized world, experience in an international setting is imperative to companies, especially [...]

Social Media Internships in Ireland

As a social media intern in Ireland, you will engage in a range of tasks, such as: creating newsletters for social networks, writing news articles for customers, promoting the [...]

Sales Internships in Ireland

If selling excites you, then this internship is the perfect placement. As a sales intern, you will serve a very dynamic role in either retail or office-based sales opportunities. [...]

Communications Internships in London

London is a magnet for prominent news companies like BBC, Reuters, CNN International, and the London Times. As one of Europe’s major media centers, London is an ideal [...]

Marketing Internships in New Zealand

Gain industry insight and practical, hands-on experience with one of our marketing internships in New Zealand. Positions and tasks will vary as these internships are fully customizable! Placements are available [...]

Marketing and Advertising Internships in Italy

During your internship with an Italian marketing or advertising firm, you will develop marketing strategies for local businesses and enhance your own professional selling skills! International marketing and advertising [...]

Marketing Internships in Costa Rica

Get to know the ins and outs of business-to-business marketing in a Spanish-speaking environment with one of our marketing internships in Costa Rica. Working with the Director of Marketing, interns [...]

Visual Communications Internships in Italy

Visual communications is a varied and rapidly developing field- and an internship abroad will grant you invaluable international experience and set your resume apart from the crowd! We offer [...]

Don’t see a placement that works for you? No problem — our advisors will work with you to customize an internship tailored to your unique interests and professional ambitions.

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