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Morocco Internships

Medical Internships in Morocco

Intern abroad with our medical internships in Morocco! Students with a background in medicine, midwifery and nursing are eligible for this internship which is designed to give a practical taste of what working within [...]

Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how to operate a firm or [...]

Youth Development Internships in Morocco

Do you have a passion for education and play-based learning? If so, our youth development internships in Morocco offer interns the opportunity to work with local Moroccan children while practicing your Arabic and French [...]

Women’s Empowerment Internships in Morocco

If you’re a women’s studies major or simply passionate about women’s rights, then a women’s empowerment internship in Morocco is an ideal opportunity to gain experience in the field.  Many women in the cities [...]

NGO Internships in Morocco

Help others while learning a new language! Our international NGO internships in Morocco offer interns opportunities with local and international NGOs. Work with Amnesty International, Freedom House, the UN, and more in this beautiful [...]

Midwife Internships in Morocco

Gain practical, professional experience in Midwifery with one of Midwife internships in Morocco. Midwife internships in Morocco requires French-speaking, experienced nurses and midwives who are competent and trustworthy. This internship abroad is both [...]

Journalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career with one of our Journalism internships in Morocco. Your writing and reporting skills will improve, as will your editing, research, and language skills while you are immersed in a colorful, [...]

Human Rights Internships in Morocco

If you’re passionate about human rights and democracy-building, intern with an NGO in Morocco for a unique work opportunity. Based on your preferences, you can work with a local or international organization, e.g. Human [...]

International Education Internships in Morocco

Do you have a passion for teaching and a desire to expand your experience and challenge yourself? Then make your resume shine with international teaching experience! Depending on your interests, you can work with [...]