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Morocco Internships

Medical Internships in Morocco

Intern abroad with our medical internships in Morocco! Students with a background in medicine, midwifery and nursing are eligible for this internship which is designed to give a practical taste of what working [...]

Photojournalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your career in photojournalism with an internship in Morocco! A photojournalism internship abroad will double as both an exercise in expanding your artistic vision and becoming familiar with day-to-day mechanics of how to operate a firm or [...]

Youth Development Internships in Morocco

Do you have a passion for education and play-based learning? If so, our youth development internships in Morocco offer interns the opportunity to work with local Moroccan children while practicing your Arabic and French [...]

Women’s Empowerment Internships in Morocco

If you’re a women’s studies major or simply passionate about women’s rights, then a women’s empowerment internship in Morocco is an ideal opportunity to gain experience in the field.  Many women in the cities [...]

NGO Internships in Morocco

Help others and make lasting community change while learning a new language! Our international NGO internships in Morocco offer interns opportunities with local and international NGOs. In the past, French speaking interns have [...]

Midwife Internships in Morocco

Gain practical, professional experience in Midwifery with one of Midwife internships in Morocco. Midwife internships in Morocco requires French-speaking, experienced nurses and midwives who are competent and trustworthy. This internship abroad is both [...]

Journalism Internships in Morocco

Launch your journalism career with a customized internship at a news or current events outlet in Morocco! Your writing and reporting skills will improve, as will your editing, research, and language skills while [...]

Human Rights Internships in Morocco

If you’re passionate about human rights and democracy-building, participate in a collaborative NGO internship in Morocco for a unique work opportunity. Based on your preference and your language level, you can work with [...]

International Education Internships in Morocco

Do you have a passion for teaching and a desire to expand your experience and challenge yourself? Then make your resume shine with international teaching experience! Depending on your interests, you can work with [...]