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Nepal Internships

Tourism & Hospitality Internships in Nepal

Marked by its scenic beauty and spiritual nature, Nepal is an ideal location for internships in Tourism and Hospitality. From trekking the Himalayas to exploring the historic monuments of the Kathmandu Valley, there is [...]

Social Work Internships in Nepal

As in many developing countries, women and children often feel the brunt of lacking resources. Many people are homeless, and while there are vast efforts to move them into shelters and orphanages, most of [...]

NGO Internships in Nepal

There are many diverse non-profit groups in Nepal to suit your particular area of interest. Interns in the NGO internships in Nepal program have the opportunity to be an active part of fundraising efforts, [...]

Medical Internships in Nepal

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali people, particularly women and children, suffer unnecessarily due to a lack of basic medical care. Your work at a hospital or clinic is an opportunity [...]

Education Internships in Nepal

International education internships in Nepal gives interns the opportunity to teach in selected institutions, public and private, under the supervision of a school supervisor or headmaster. Your own cultural background will add depth to [...]

Dental Internships in Nepal

Quality dental care is a huge issue in Nepal. It is estimated that there are only 350 dentists throughout the entire country for its 30 million people. Your assistance in this dental internship program [...]

Animal Sciences Internships in Nepal

As a country with incredible wildlife diversity, there are many opportunities to work in an animal science internship in Nepal. Depending on your interests, you may be placed in an animal clinic or sanctuary [...]