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New Zealand Internships

Animal Science Internships in New Zealand

Many animal science interns in New Zealand have worked with an organization that rehabilitates and restores habitats for the New Zealand Kaka bird. The research is focused primarily on the birds’ breeding behaviors [...]

Information Technology Internships in New Zealand

Opportunity abounds with one of our customizable Information Technology internships in New Zealand. Interns can work in a business center that houses technology companies focused on the development of cutting-edge technologies. Interns with [...]

Agricultural Science Internships in New Zealand

Gain practical, hands-on experience for your resume with an Agricultural Science internship in beautiful New Zealand. Agriculture is New Zealand’s largest industry and helps set the country apart in the international agriculture field. [...]

Engineering Internships in New Zealand

Our Engineering internships in New Zealand are among the most diverse available in any country. Choose from an internship in one of the following sectors: mechanical, electronic and electrical, aerospace, architectural, chemical, civil [...]

Tennis Sports Management Internships in New Zealand

Interested in sports management? With a passion for tennis, this internship is the perfect way to gain access to the field of sports management! By executing administrative duties like assisting Regional Development manager to [...]

Community Radio Station Internship in New Zealand

Communications? IT? Design? This community radio station is looking for interns to assist their station with a variety of responsibilities. Past interns have used their time to produced short promotional films about the station, [...]

Social Work Internships in New Zealand

Work in Youth Development Program as a Social Work Intern! An educational agency for at-risk teenagers, this alternative school for youth who have been expelled from the mainstream school system, works to get [...]

Psychology Internships in New Zealand

The psychology internships in New Zealand are designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the field of psychology. Interns will assist in providing a wide range of services for adults with [...]

Print Media Internships in New Zealand

Our print media internships in New Zealand offer an insider's look into the unique worlds of New Zealand's top newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses. Common tasks include: news sourcing, interviewing, news writing, photography, [...]

Photography Internships in New Zealand

Our customized photography internships in Wellington and Auckland offer a great opportunity for interns to develop their photography skills. Whether you're interested in being behind the camera, working in a bustling photography studio, [...]

Marketing Internships in New Zealand

Gain industry insight and practical, hands-on experience with one of our marketing internships in New Zealand. Positions and tasks will vary as these internships are fully customizable! Placements have ranged from software companies, [...]

Law Internships in New Zealand

Help your law school applicant stand out with a unique look into the legal proceedings of a foreign country! A law internship in New Zealand is a great way to experience the culture [...]

Event Management Internships in New Zealand

As communities around the world continue to grow and expand, the international event management field has become hugely in-demand. An events management internship in New Zealand will grant interns the opportunity to showcase [...]

Education Internships in New Zealand

Our education internships provide interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of New Zealand public and private school classrooms. Many interns have participated in our programs as teachers aids. We'll [...]

Communications Internships in New Zealand

Communications internships in New Zealand are ideal for motivated participants looking to set themselves apart with a global, cross-cultural perspective on their field. Internships will provide participants the opportunity to gain experience in [...]

Business Internships in New Zealand

New Zealand business interns will take in the unique offices cultures of Wellington and Auckland, which inspire creativity, innovation, excellence, courage, collaboration, and passion. Strive to become the most successful generator of high [...]

Museum and Tourism Internship in New Zealand

Develop your knowledge of New Zealand history with a unique, hands-on opportunity in a local museum! Our interns have worked with a variety of historical centers and museums throughout Wellington and Auckland. Working [...]

Advertising Internships in New Zealand

Dive into the field of advertising with a hands-on internship in Wellington or Auckland, New Zealand! Interns have the opportunity to work in various disciplines within an advertising agency, ranging from account management [...]

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