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New Zealand Internships

Animal Science Internships in New Zealand

For our Animal Science internship in New Zealand, interns will be working at a company that is beginning a long-term research effort studying the Northern Island Brown Kiwi. The research is focused primarily on [...]

Information Technology Internships in New Zealand

Opportunity abounds with one of our customizable Information Technology internships in New Zealand. Interns will work in a business center that houses predominantly technology companies that focus on the development of cutting-edge technologies. [...]

Agricultural Science Internships in New Zealand

Enhance your resume with practical experience with an Agricultural Science internship in beautiful New Zealand. Agriculture is New Zealand's largest industry and perhaps it is what the country is best known for. New [...]

Wildlife/Conservation Internships in New Zealand

Gain experience in and make a difference with one of our unique wildlife and conservation internships in New Zealand. As a conservation intern, you'll work with a conservation project and assist with trail construction, species monitoring, pest [...]

Engineering Internships in New Zealand

Our Engineering internships in New Zealand are among the most diverse available in any country. Choose from an internship in one of the following sectors: mechanical, electronic and electrical, aerospace, architectural, chemical, civil [...]

Veterinary Internship in New Zealand

Support veterinary nurses with hands on assistance! Prepare for morning clinics and join and observe during consultations, procedures and treatments. This veterinary internship is the ideal way to learn how to be apart of [...]

Tennis Sports Management Internships in New Zealand

Interested in sports management? With a passion for tennis, this internship is the perfect way to gain access to the field of sports management! By executing administrative duties like assisting Regional Development manager to [...]

Film and Television Internship in New Zealand

Intern at a one-stop production house that delivers media from concept to completion in a purpose-built, modern environment designed for film and television production. The studio is equipped with high end digital editing offices and [...]

Community Radio Station Internship in New Zealand

Communications? IT? Design? This community radio station is looking for interns to assist their station with a variety of responsibilities. Past interns have used their time to produced short promotional films about the station, [...]

Cultural Study and History Internship in New Zealand

Interested in cultural studies or history? Using modern storytelling techniques, the museum explores Wellington’s distinctive character from first settlement by the Maori until today. The museum operations are divided among a number of departments: [...]

Conservation Internships in New Zealand

Opportunities for conservation internships in New Zealand involve working in a stimulating and fun environment across a large number of areas. Tasks and responsibilities may include field assistance and environmental surveying, ecological consulting, liaising [...]

Social Work Internships in New Zealand

The international social work internships in New Zealand are designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the field of social work. Our social work internships in New Zealand may be in [...]

Psychology Internships in New Zealand

The psychology internships in New Zealand are designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the field of psychology. Interns will assist in providing a wide range of services for adults with [...]

Print Media Internships in New Zealand

During print media internships in New Zealand, interns will have the opportunity to work in a newspaper office and gain hands-on experience in the field of journalism. Common tasks include: news sourcing, interviewing, news [...]

Photography Internships in New Zealand

This is a great opportunity for interns to develop their photography skills, from taking pictures to developing them. Photography internships in New Zealand will be with a dealer gallery in Wellington that has a [...]

Marketing Internships in New Zealand

Gain industry insight and practical, hands-on experience with one of our marketing internships in New Zealand. Positions and tasks will vary as these internships are fully customizable! Placements are available in a software company, a [...]

Law Internships in New Zealand

Internship Assisting a Law Office This community law office is searching for a young professional with a passion for law to work in their office. With some 25 established centers in New Zealand, providing [...]

Event Management Internships in New Zealand

International event management in recent years has been a fast growing and highly sought after by many different organizations. An events management internship in New Zealand will grant interns the opportunity to showcase their [...]

Education Internships in New Zealand

Teachers Aid Position Immersed in New Zealand Culture As a teachers aid, the intern will gain a firsthand knowledge of the New Zealand primary school education system and observe the differences in the education system, [...]

Communications Internships in New Zealand

Communications internships in New Zealand is ideal for those interested in communications, particularly in the sports arena! Internships will provide participants the opportunity to gain experience in the field by working on website design, [...]

Business Internships in New Zealand

Interns will work in a business incubator with a culture that inspires creativity, innovation, excellence, courage, collaboration, and passion. Strive to become the most successful generator of high growth in New Zealand by nurturing, [...]

Business Entrepreneurship Internships in New Zealand

In todays fast paced world, business entrepreneurs are highly sought after to keep the world economies running by promoting business growth and innovation. A business entrepreneurship internship in New Zealand will allow interns an [...]

Museum and Tourism Internship in New Zealand

An ideal opportunity for those interested in tourism and museums! Working as part of this team, deliver an exceptional visitor experience through great customer service. Ensure the safety of visitors and staff, and the [...]

Advertising Internships in New Zealand

Dive into the field of advertising with an internship in the hip and beautiful country of New Zealand. Interns have the opportunity to work in various disciplines within an advertising agency, ranging from account [...]