Psychology Internships

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Expand your knowledge of the complex world of Psychology with an internship abroad. 

Internships placements can involve clinical, organizational and developmental psychology allowing you to explore the field and discover where your interests lie. 

Psychology Internships in New Zealand

The psychology internships in New Zealand are designed for those who have studied or previously worked in the field of psychology. Interns will assist in providing a wide range [...]

Psychology Internships in Australia

Gain international work experience while exploring the vast field of psychology in Australia! Psychology Internships in Australia will be observational and administrative. Placements in the psychology field may involve [...]

Don’t see a placement that works for you? No problem — our advisors will work with you to customize an internship tailored to your unique interests and professional ambitions.


World Internships is dedicated to supporting our interns abroad. Personalization is the cornerstone of our philosophy: we work with you to create an experience that embraces and nurtures your interests, geographical preferences, goals and professional aspirations.

Life is an adventure – we want to be a part of your journey through it.