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Spain Internships

Human Resources Internships in Spain

Gain international and professional experience while working hard toward your future goals with one of our customizable Human Resources internships in Spain. Interns can choose from placements in a multitude of different companies [...]

NGO Internships in Spain

Your dedication to your work will not go unnoticed by future employers when you participate in one of our NGO internships in Spain. Spain offers a wife range of work opportunities within the [...]

Accounting/Finance Internships in Spain

Our Accounting/Finance internships in Spain are within a hugely diverse range of businesses. Interns can choose from from placements in a restaurant, an auditing company, a translation services company, a fiscal department, an education [...]

Sports Management Internships in Spain

If you’re a sports enthusiast and looking to turn your passion into a profession, our Sports Management internships in Spain are perfect for you. As a sports management intern, participants will gain a [...]

Architecture Internships in Spain

Boost your resume and expand your knowledge with one of our customized architecture internships in Spain! Surrounded by decades-old buildings and working with seasoned professionals, this placement provides interns with first-hand experience in [...]

Environmental Studies Internships in Spain

Start your career off in a growing field with our environmental studies internships in Spain! We offer several different opportunities across different fields that let interns do good work for the planet. Combine [...]

Event Management Internships in Spain

Hone your public relations skills and expand your network on an international scale with our event management internships in Spain! We offer a variety of opportunities across many industries, from culinary arts to [...]

Graphic Design Internships in Spain

Apply your passion for art and design to your career with our Spanish graphic design internship opportunities! Work with a variety of organizations to develop your portfolio while helping them achieve their goals [...]

Travel and Tourism Internships in Spain

Barcelona is the most populous city in Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors each month. There are amazing opportunities for interns looking to get involved [...]

Public Relations Internships in Spain

Use your customized public relations internship in Barcelona to hone your client relation skills and gain an international perspective on the PR world. As a PR intern you will have many opportunities to [...]

Photography Internships in Spain

A customized World Internships photography program in Barcelona will help you to gain valuable professional experience abroad in galleries, print and digital media outlets, and event management companies. Some duties may include: organizing [...]

Performing Arts Internships in Spain

Performing Arts internships in Spain will give aspiring dancers, actors, and art administrators exposure to the world of international performing arts. Barcelona boasts world-renowned theaters, such as the Teatre Lliure and the Teatre [...]

Music Internships in Spain

Our Music internships in Spain offer endless opportunities to gain insight into the industry while working in a multicultural environment that promotes diversity, cultural understanding, and professional growth. With over fifty theaters and [...]

Marketing Internships in Spain

Barcelona, a major global city, has a huge influence within international business, ecommerce, and communications. World Internships offers customized marketing internships in Barcelona across a wide variety of fields, like international marketing, social [...]

Law Internships in Spain

Law and legal studies placements in Barcelona can offer unparalleled insight into this region's unique legal system. As a legal intern, you can conduct comparative research between Spanish law and your country’s law [...]

Journalism Internships in Spain

As the biggest city within the Spanish state of Cataolina, Barcelona is rich with a unique mix of culture, history, and current events. Journalism interns can flex their research, writing and reporting skills [...]

International Business Internships in Spain

Barcelona is a major global business hub, and is home to many international companies. You could conduct international research for your company’s growth, work in an import/export department, or explore the global finance sector. [...]

Information Technology Internships in Spain

There are many available options for web design and IT systems management interns in Barcelona. You can develop and implement databases, build reports, or even work alongside a marketing team to effectively carry [...]

Fashion Internships in Spain

A vibrant, multi-cultural city, one of the first things fashion interns may notice in Barcelona is the variety of dress colors and styles. As a fashion interns with us in Barcelona, you may [...]

Education Internships in Spain

There are a number of opportunities available within the education field in various NGOs in Barcelona. You could teach an English class at the Civic Center, instruct a beginner’s computer class, or even [...]

Culinary Arts Internships in Spain

Catalan cuisine is based on high-quality seafood, fruits, and vegetables that change to reflect the current season and are representative of the region’s cultural and religious roots. Your knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine will [...]

Communications Internships in Spain

Communications internships in Spain will give interns first-hand experience in the diverse field of communications. In our globalized world, experience in an international setting is imperative to companies, especially within the communications field. During [...]

Broadcasting Internships in Spain

Dive into producing, reporting, and writing television or radio shows with a customized broadcasting internship in Barcelona! Enhance your development, management, and distribution skills by working with an independent film production company. You [...]

Art and Art History Internships in Spain

Barcelona is one of the world’s leading cultural centers and has a significant influence on the global art community. There are dozens of museums and galleries throughout the city, making it one of [...]

Engineering Internships in Spain

We can accommodate customized placements within civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering in our Barcelona location. We offer positions in a variety of industries in which you will gain hands-on experience, from healthcare to [...]

Computer Science Internships in Spain

Our customized computer science programs in Barcelona help you gain experience toward a computer science, digital research, or software engineering career! We can accommodate your specific interests, making sure that your placement lines [...]

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