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Manchester, England | World Internships

May 23, 2017 We wish to extend our sincerest condolences to those affected by the senseless and tragic attack that took place in Manchester, England last night. We are in touch with our on-site team in London and have activated our Emergency Response protocol and Risk Management plan. World Internships does not have any interns currently on-site in England, but our on-site staff are safe. Likewise, the safety of all interns and on-site staff in our other locations worldwide -- and our Enrollment Coordinator, Emily, currently in Scotland -- has been confirmed as well. Our commitment [...]

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Intern Insights: Carolyn pt. IV

April 26, 2017 The Carolyn Chronicles: Part IV Follow Carolyn's adventures on Twitter (@GetScaredLater) or on Instagram (@Get_Scared_Later). Greetings readers! As of this past weekend (April 15), I have been in Nepal for a total of twelve weeks – roughly three months. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, and having only two months left is a rather bittersweet feeling for me. Last time, I was writing to you from Gorsyang – a small village about seven hours' bus ride from Kathmandu. However, you didn’t hear my voice; now, I’ll add my own experience. Nuwakot and Kathmandu were [...]

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Intern Insights: Carolyn pt. III

April 3, 2017 The Carolyn Chronicles: Part III Follow Carolyn's adventures on Twitter (@GetScaredLater) or on Instagram (@Get_Scared_Later). Greetings, readers! It’s been about five weeks, I believe, since I last wrote to you. Needless to say, there’s a lot to cover. Here are a few things that I have accomplished: I completed the Annapurna Round Circuit Trek. A total distance of 211km (131mi), and reaching an elevation of 5,416m (17,769ft) at the Thorung-La Pass. That’s higher than the Everest Base Camp. I can take the bus myself without getting lost, and can navigate my way around (part of) Kathmandu [...]

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Intern Insights: Carolyn, NGO intern in Nepal, pt. II

February 21, 2017 The Carolyn Chronicles: Part II Follow Carolyn's adventures on Twitter (@GetScaredLater) or on Instagram (@Get_Scared_Later). I'm typing this on my phone, as it is 11PM on Saturday night and all of the rest of my electronics are packed up. Why? Because I will be spending two and a half weeks, starting this coming Monday, February 20, trekking the Annapurna Circuit. Here's how this week has gone: Last Sunday, February 12, my homestay sister and aamaa and I took the bus into Bhaktapur. We had one goal in mind: for me to have Kurtha Sarwai made. Kurtha [...]

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A Response to Recent Events

February 3, 2017 We are World Internships: we pride ourselves in helping students and young professionals become global citizens. We are, we always have been and will continue to be committed to a global mission that keeps our participants safe, educated and inspired. President Trump signed three Executive Orders that have potential to impact our participants. We have ensured that none of our current participants have been affected. In light of these events, we feel compelled to speak out. The barring of refugees and citizens of several Muslim-majority countries from the United States flies in the [...]

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Why YOU Should Intern Abroad

By: Maggie Moriarty I hate to start out with a cliche, but interning abroad literally changed my life. In every way, shape, and form I came back to America as a better individual. I interned abroad in Dublin, Ireland for the human rights organization, the Irish Innocence Project, which aims to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals. As a marketing intern, I was in charge of organizing and executing an international conference and film festival that had notable attendees such as the actor, Liam Neeson. I will admit that initially, interning abroad was one of the scariest things I was ever [...]

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Good Eats

By Maggie Moriarty Traveling allows you to see new things, learn about places you have only dreamed about, and meet new people. But, to be honest, traveling also allows you to indulge in some of the best international cuisine imaginable. Throughout my time in Europe I graced my stomach with unbelievably delicious, authentic meals that I will vie for the rest of my life. Upon your travels, prepare yourself to try new foods and I promise you will not be disappointed! Maggie’s Tops: 1. Double Cheeseburger from Bunsen - Dublin, Ireland - I am not kidding when I say [...]

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Alumni Interview: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine Robinson! Jasmine spent her time in Florence, Italy as a Sport Management intern and tells WI intern, Maggie, how it changed her life! World Internships: Tell us about yourself. Jasmine Robinson: I graduated from Kentucky State University in 2014, where my major was sports medicine with a concentration in athletic training. After the internship in Florence, I realized how much I loved traveling and being abroad so I ended up moving to the UK to pursue my masters in Sport Management. WI: Where did you go? What was your internship? JR: I went to Florence, Italy. It was a [...]

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Destination Spotlight: Rome

Written By Maggie Moriarty I think it’s easy to say that everyone dreams about traveling to Italy at least once in their lifetime. The endless amounts of pizza, wine, and pasta are just one reason to go! With World Internships you can have the chance to intern abroad in Rome, Italy and experience an entire different life. On average, seven to ten million tourists a year explore Rome, making it one of the most important tourist destinations and the third most visited city in Europe. Rome holds a vast amount of history as it is an important center of [...]

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Overcoming Culture Shock

Written By: Maggie Moriarty It’s my first day in a foreign country. I am battling extreme jet lag after the six hour flight and five hour time difference in Dublin. I look around and can already see that things are different here than what I am used to in Boston. A driver picks me up at the airport and greets me in his warm Irish accent while I have difficulty deciphering each word that he is saying to me. I step into the car and see the steering wheel on the opposite side, this is so wrong. The driver [...]

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Alumni Ambassador Interview: Karli

Welcome Karli! After interning abroad in Dublin, Ireland, World Internships alum, Karli, has joined the team as an Alumni Ambassador. World Internships' Marketing Intern, Maggie, talks with Karli as she discusses her unforgettable experience with WI! World Internships: Where did you go? What was your internship? Karli Bahner: This past summer, the summer before my senior year of college, I went to Dublin, Ireland for 10 weeks. My internship was in Sales and Marketing for the Maldron Hotel Cardiff Lane, and I also did work for the other Maldron Hotels in the city cluster. I was lucky enough to be [...]

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Destination Spotlight: Ireland

Dublin is a city of wonders. I spent the spring of 2015 studying and interning abroad in Dublin, Ireland and it was hands down the best decision I have ever made. Having family ancestry in Ireland, I knew that Dublin would be my ideal destination and I could not wait to witness it for myself. Full of history and charm, Dublin is a city that shows pride through its inhabitants. The people of Dublin are the nicest people I have ever encountered as they never made me feel like a foreigner but more as an ally and friend. I [...]

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New Zealand’s Winter Festivals

Kia Ora! New Zealand’s festivals provide a platform to explore the country’s offerings. From internationally acclaimed, to local neighborhood gatherings, these three capture the kiwi lifestyle and New Zealand pride to a T. The 2015 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival Capturing adventures and encouraging a celebration of the outdoors, this internationally acclaimed event brings together film and outdoor enthusiasts. Throughout the week, the program is packed with bountiful adventure film screenings, lectures and art exhibitions. Credited as an inspiring experience, The NZ Mountain Film Festival is not one to miss. So… Where & When? Wanaka (July 3-7) Cromwell (July [...]

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The newest World Internships staff member!

Today, we present to you an introduction to our newest World Internships staff member, Aiyana! Aiyana joined our team this summer and has been a great addition to the World Internships family. Head over to her Go Overseas interview and read up on her thoughts on our programs and spending time abroad. Her experience abroad and passion for helping students find their way through immersion in other cultures make her not just a fascinating person to talk to (who knew there was such a thing as a Swedish crawfish eating party, anyway?) but a great resource for anyone wishing to intern abroad. Aiyana is [...]

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Peek at an Internship in Barcelona!

Have you ever thought about interning abroad, but didn't know where to start or whether it would be worth it? Well, Marcela just got back from her internship in Barcelona, and we'd like to share her experience to help show you what adventures can await you too. Let's start by meeting Marcela! An International Business and Marketing major from the University of South Florida, Marcela decided to work with World Internships in March of 2014 for a May arrival.She worked with program coordinator Ellen to prepare for arrival, from arranging housing details to sorting out visa paperwork. All the hard work and [...]

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A peek inside a fashion internship in Italy!

Ciao a tutti from World Internships! Today we'd like to share a bit about the life and times of in intern in Rome, Mary Tolly! (You can read all about her experiences here if you are curious to see life abroad through the eyes of a current intern. Mary has spent summer 2014 putting her skills and interests to good use, interning for a company called Re(d)cycleLab. <---- click this link to read all about what their mission is and what they've been up to this summer! If you'd like to support 'refashioned' items, take a look at the uber-cool Etsy [...]

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Travel Must-Haves

From vibrant luggage tags to inflatable hoodie pillows, check out Buzzfeed’s recommended travel accessories that will make your trip much easier and comfortable!

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The Importance of International Internships

Internships are an integral part of our modern-day work culture. Many colleges and universities require them of their students in addition to coursework, and most companies give  preference to those applicants who already have experience in the field. The only way to gain this experience, however, is by committing to an internship. In a recent article titled “Make It Count: Valuable Experience For Working Students,” Jennifer Bell, contributor to, wrote: Internships are highly coveted among college students for several reasons. First, they enable students to experience firsthand the working environment they plan to enter once [...]

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